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On This page you will find recent Casting Opportunities For Young People. Details of who to contact are beside each listing.

Please note these are OPEN AUDITION OPPORTUNITIES that we pass on to our students and are not directed through our Casting Agency. Apply directly to the contacts supplied. The Drama Studio can take no responsibility for your experience of dealing with them.  

The status will show you if the opportunity is taking place now (CURRENT) or has passed (EXPIRED)



 I coordinate the Youth Hub at EIFF this year. Youth Hub runs from 23 – 26 June with lots of free filmmaking related events for young people between the ages of 15 and 25. I wanted to make you aware of our great programme of events this year, which I think will be relevant to some of the young people you work with.

Friday 23 June we’re hosting an In Person event with Scottish actor Ewen Bremner from Trainspotting and Wonder Woman which should be really insightful and offer lots of advice for aspiring actors. Saturday 24 June we’re offering a casting advice session with Scottish casting director Orla O’Connor and British actress Emily Beecham , which includes a mock audition. A rare opportunity for young people to get advice on how to nail auditions and what to do/not to do. I hope these events would be of interest. Of course we have lots of other exciting sessions on offer, a link to the full programme is here:

Our careers advice session on Saturday 24 June is always very popular. It enables young people to speak directly to industry experts and filmmakers and get first-hand advice from them – maybe something aspiring actors would like to participate in?

Youth Hub will be based at the Lyceum Rehearsal Space at 30b Grindlay Street. All events are free with a Youth Hub pass which costs £5 and gives access to all Youth Hub events as well as discounted tickets to EIFF films.

It would be fantastic if you could share this opportunity with anyone you feel would benefit from attending. 

Janine Koppe

EIFF Youth Hub Coordinator

+44 (0) 131 228 4051




               CBBC - Aged 8-14 and Adults (CURRENT)


My name is Alice and I work on the CBBC show, ‘Remotely Funny’.

I’m getting in touch as we will be filming our new series this August and we are looking for children (ages  8 – 14) with big, sparky personalities who would love to take part in our fun remote gameshow. 

As in series 1; three teams, living all over the UK connect and compete in crazy challenges (in their own homes) against each other and link up via webcams to our presenter SAARA.  But it’s not just the kids playing in this series!  We’re taking the fun up to a whole new level and are looking for teams with at least two adults (mums, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents etc) and two children – with the child who applies being the team captain – to take part.

The application can be found using the following link:

Alice Black.

Alice Black (Glasgow)





If you're aged between 13 and 18 you'd best get your wand ready because Pottermore wants YOU to audition for a role in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them sequel.

Harry Potter HQ has issued an open casting call for teenagers between the ages of 13 and 16 to audition to play younger incarnations of Eddie Redmayne's Newt Scamander, Leta Lestrange (portrayed in the first film by Zoe Kravitz) and an unidentified character called Sebastian.

They're also on the hunt for teens between the ages of 16 and 18 to play younger versions of Albus Dumbledore (who'll be played by Jude Law in the sequel) and Gellert Grindelwald (Johnny Depp).

K Rowling has previously hinted that Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald’s complicated relationship will be dealt with in the five film run. Casting teenage versions of the characters suggests that fans may finally get to see their famous beach duel and the death of Ariana Dumbledore, as well as the development of their obsession with the Deathly Hallows.
The casting of a young Newt and Leta, meanwhile, suggests that we may well see exactly why the young magizoologist was kicked out of Hogwarts – and discover the true nature of his relationship with the mysterious Ms Lestrange.

To apply for the Fantastic Beasts open casting call you need to send an email to with a recent colour photograph, (i.e., taken within the last two months), contact telephone number, your home address and date of birth. Anyone under 18 must ask a parent or guardian to send the application.

No previous acting experience is necessary, but applicants need to be eligible to work in the UK (meaning they must be a UK, Irish or EU passport holder), and be available for filming between August and November 2017.

The closing date for applications is Tuesday, 20 June 2017 at midnight GMT.


Life Of A Ten Pound Note - Girl Age 8-11 years (EXPIRED)

BrokenBlonde Productions is casting the role of Elaine to play the part of a young girl playing age of 8-11 years old, who starts us off on the adventure of the ten pound note at the start of it’s life as it’s passed from father to daughter. We are looking for someone based in the Edinburgh area or the Glasgow area. This job is UNPAID.


The “Life of a ten pound note” is a short film which follows from the point of view of a ten pound note various different people’s lives and how money plays a pivotal role in their daily interactions and how it touches and affects everyone in a different way. Following the note from it’s point of view we gain an idea into just where our money goes.

Shooting will take place around Edinburgh towards the end of May with confirmed dates subject being flexible to accommodate actors.

If you have any pupils who are interested could you please forward on their

Details to or give me a call on 07572373849

To arrange an audition with the director.

For reference here is our website to see some previous work

Jack Cowhig


Life of a ten pound note.


Fantasy Movie - Children aged 10-15 (EXPIRED) - Please note they have had a lot of interest.




If you’re aged between 12 – 14 years and love creating your own content and following the latest challenges, or just know you have the right personality to present an online show, we want to hear from you!

APPLY NOW via or contact the for an application form.

For further information, please contact (Jessica/Lucy), or call 02037614616, or visit

The deadline is Friday 02 June 2017 at 12:00.


Matilda - UK TOUR Children aged 8-13 See Brief (EXPIRED) - Please note they have had massive interest!

Here is updated information from the Casting Directors:

We are now accepting applications for our Matilda London show AND Matilda UK Tour. 
Matilda the Musical is also excitingly going on tour - if you would like to apply for this then please when applying for information make it EXTREMELY clear it is the tour which is of interest. We will then be in touch with more info and how to proceed. 
You will receive a form from us in due course. We will then keep your details on file and be in touch in the future IF YOU FIT OUR CRITERIA.
Sadly due to the high level of interest it is not possible for us to see every applicant.
The criteria is very strict and if you do not fit it then you will not be called in. Please do not expect a response for general enquiries or if you are too old or tall for the roles. We also cannot respond regarding other jobs on the production or adult casting.
We prioritise oldest girls for role of Matilda and not all eight year olds will necessarily be seen BUT will be kept on file for future.
We prioritise dance ability and proximity to London for ensemble boys and girls. They also need to be VERY strong singers too. Height restrictions are non-negotiable as is age restriction.
We need amazing pop singers with wide vocal range for Bruce and these boys can be from anywhere. 
We also prioritise seeing new children. If you have auditioned for us in the past then you will probably not been seen again UNLESS we have specifically said we will call you back in.
A reminder of the criteria – 
If your child is not a Matilda possible (under 4ft 3 and a strong singer/actress) or a Bruce possible (under 5ft and amazing singer and good dancer with bags of character) then they will be auditioning for the ensemble roles and will have to be a strong dancer, singer and actor, under 4ft10 and aged 8 - 13, living within the M25. The audition routine is HARD so do not send your child to do this ‘for the experience or for fun’. It is not fun for them in these auditions if they do not have the skills required. The audition will include being taken through one of the routines from the show, they will also need to bring a song to perform acapella (one verse and chorus) and a short poem or monologue to perform. 
May I draw your attention to the following;
All children must be available for the entire rehearsal and performance period, and no holidays will be allowed during the contracted period. Parents must be able to bring their child into all rehearsals and performances so do check trains and your travel route to ensure you would certainly be able to do so. We would consider helping MATILDA'S or BRUCE'S depending on circumstances.
We anticipate a cast change every 6 months so there will be on-going opportunity for the younger children.
Anyone over the age of 13 will not be considered for these roles and you will probably not get a response – we are too busy!
Needless to say, fewer boys are applying than girls so please keep the boys coming in!
Thank you all.
Jessica Ronane - Children's Casting Director


Mary Queen of Scots (EXPIRED) Age 16 +

MQS Audition

Email OR CALL Office: 020 3633 0429



Hello I am working with Screen Education Edinburgh on a project for InValid Youth which is part of the North Edinburgh Arts. I am looking to pass on  a casting call(see attached) for two female roles. These are for a short drama film with elements of animation. 

Here is the Brief and I have attached the script. If you feel you know of anyone who may be suitable please pass this on to them

Broken Wings

Broken Wings revolves around a young woman named Ava who after an operation has felt the need to hide herself from the world due to horrendous side effects. It’s only when she befriends a strange young woman named Kat where she realises that she has to embrace the issues and accept who she really is in order to feel happy again.



Playing age: 16-21

Very shy girl who finds it hard to connect with anyone and is scared of people judging her for being different. Ava is very creative and her main interests are drawing and bird watching. Ava likes to spend a lot of her time in the woods, where she finds comfort and solitude   


Playing age: 16-21

Fun, outgoing and slightly eccentric. Likes listening to rock music and reading comics and fantasy novels in her spare time. Kat ends up being the voice of reason for Ava and helps her accept who she truly is.

Shooting days.     

Sat 29th and Sun 30th April      

Sat 6th and Sun 7th May

If interested, please contact the project film tutor Sean Young at  




BOY/GIRL BANDS- Age 16-19 years (EXPIRED) 

Dear Agents 
We are searching for members to form the next big girlband & the next big boyband. This is a multi media project and the team is headed up by a major label President. The bands will be developed by the teams that put groups such as The Wanted & The Saturdays together & will be working with No1 writers & producers. This is a huge oppotunity for any young artist trying to break into the recording industry. 

16-19yrs. Charismatic. Strong vocals. 
Cool. Edgy. All Saints. Pop. 

16-19yrs. Personality. Strong singing vocal talent &/or Rap.  
Cool. Edgy. N Sync. Pop. 

Castings will be held in 5 major cities around the UK & Ireland so please advise nearest city to your client.
I look forward to your suggestions: Send photo & a link to any performance clip to

Jayne Collins CDG 
Cool Hand Media Group


Casting for a 6 year old red haired girl.(EXPIRED)

Short filmmakers Horses on Tomatoes are looking for a 6 year old red haired girl with a Scottish accent to cast in their latest film Sweet Truth (working title)

Sweet Truth is a story proving that kindness can override adversity. Revealing how children can subtly display incredible resourcefulness and acts of compassion towards each other. Reminding us to not take everything at face value and that in the current political climate it may serve us all better to pull together without pre-conceived prejudices.

What is required from the performer?

There is some dialogue and ability to emote is equally important for the tighter shots. The acting style required is more naturalistic, intimate and thoughtful than 'stagey' as the direction will be more subtle and observational. Must be comfortable/confident in a film set environment.

Key information

Please note this is unpaid with travel expenses.

Shooting takes place in Glasgow in April 2017 probably across a Sat/Sun. If interested please email by 5pm Fri 17 March with C.V., head shot and height. Head shot doesn't need to be professional, taken on a phone is fine. 


I'm a student at Edinburgh Napier studying Television. One of our units is studio presentation and my group have decided to make a children's history programme, we're currently looking for children to answer simple history questions on camera to include in the show. We thought drama groups may be a good place to look so would be great if any of the children wanted to get involved. We can provide consent forms although this will not be shown anywhere except to lecturers and copy's can be provided for partakers.
Hope to hear back from you, Thank you!

Call Denise Houston 07931587459   Email -

Casting Call for Short Informational Film (EXPIRED)

An adolescent child aged 11-12 (or able to look this age) is required for a short fIlm. This role has no scripted lines and minimal acting requirement. Could be a boy or a girl. Ideally will be opposite sex to main parent role (who will be a performer with learning disabilities).

The project is a 6-8 minute film explaining how the Children’s Hearings process works for parents or carers with learning disabilities. (The Children’s Hearings process helps safeguard children and young people who may be having problems at home, at school, or with the police) 

As there is only a limited budget for this project, most of the roles will be played by volunteers (e.g. real social workers/ children’s reporter staff playing themselves). A donation to charity on the performer’s behalf or a small fee may be available.                     

Phone Number: 0131 557 1288  

Email Address:

Company: Speakeasy Productions                          

Contact Name: Maggie Pentcheva

Phone Number: 0131 557 1288  

Email Address:







We want to hear from people who are renowned for their cooking. Do you have family recipe’s that have been passed down for generations? Do you throw the best dinner parties?

It would be really great if you could help us spread the word amongst pupils at your school as we are looking for people of all ages and you never know who maybe a budding cook! 

Alternatively if you know someone personally who you think would be perfect, please get them to

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks so much for any help you can offer to spread the word.

Voltage TV Productions | 68 Wells Street, London, W1T 3QA

W: | T: 020 3141 5956

Melanie Loudonsack

Casting Assistant Producer


CBBC Remotely Funny (EXPIRED)

We are producing on a brand new show for CBBC Remotely Funny (w/t) and we are looking for kids (ages 8 – 13) with fun personalities that are interested in finding out fascinating facts about the world and love fun quizzes and silly challenges.

This exciting new concept means that you can take part in the show without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Each show will feature 3 kids who will compete with each other over Skype.  Our presenter will lead the Skype chat and ask all the questions and set the challenges!

But it’s not just the kids playing. We want them to play along with this geography based quiz with their mum, dad, aunt, uncle, sister, brother or anyone else they can think of be up for a fun challenge.

REMOTELY FUNNY is a revolutionary kid’s game-show that plays out in contestants’ homes via webcams to a central hub.  In this brand new format, three kids, living all over the UK, will connect and compete in crazy challenges against each other.  They’ll answer funny questions as they move from room to room, roping in family and friends, in their quest to complete the tasks.  At the end of the show the contestant with the most points wins a unique REMOTELY FUNNY prize.


Remotely Funny Flyer FINAL May page 001




My name is Sophie Williams and my friend and I are producing a play which will run in the Edinburgh Fringe from 15th-20th August (a slot between 3-5pm each day). However, in order for this to happen we need some boys to take roles in our play.

Play Summary- A newly written adaptation of the novel of the same name. This play follows the childhood of six teenagers as they learn about love, lust and jealousy. This is a dark and atmospheric piece that deals with what happens when emotions take control over rational thought. The play will also contain some dance and physical theatre however this is not a necessity for the audition.

We are looking for three boys of between the ages of 16-18. Here are some brief summaries of characters;

Matt: Completely devoted to his step sister Lucy, Matt is kind and charming and the boy that all of the girls take a liking to. Together, Matt and Lucy form the ultimate friends and attract everyone, they are the ring leaders of the group. However, Matt has a darker intensity that unfolds during the final scenes of the play as he starts to unhinge. Must be of similar build and height to Roy.

Roy: A hopeless romantic who is often overlooked. He is quiet, thoughtful and honest. He acts as a balance to Ward and stops him from going overboard. He is Lucy and Matt's cousin and is easily led by them therefore ending up being brought into the drama and schemes.  Must be of similar build and height to Matt.

Ward: Loud and brash. The ultimate "lad". Ward acts like a big shot to hide the reliance he has on Matt and Lucy's friendship. He is rude and reckless but can show a calmer side when prompted.

If you know of anyone who may suit these roles then please give me an email back and we can arrange an audition with the boys. This play is completely amateur and any participants will not be paid however this is a fantastic opportunity for fresh young actors to experience what the Edinburgh Fringe has to offer.

Being an ex Drama Studio student myself I know that this is a hotbed for young actors and I would love to have some of your students involved. The Drama Studio is where it all began for me and I know that without it I wouldn't have an unconditional offer to study musical theatre at the MGA Academy of Performing Arts after the Summer. To you guys, I'm eternally grateful.

Thank you very much.

Kindest wishes,


CLASS CLOWNS - Gilded Balloon - AUG 20/21    EXPIRED


Drama Studio student Lois Ambrose was a finalist last year - read about her experience click here.

Gilded Balloon
 is offering the opportunity for pupils between the ages of 12 – 18 to learn and perform at the world’s largest arts festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe and we’d love for your students to get involved in this unique competition!

We’re offering anyone enrolled in a Scottish high-school the chance to attend a free comedy performance & writing workshop led by industry professionals in advance of the main show where those attending the workshop will be invited to perform on stage in front of a friendly panel of celebrity judges. Last year’s celebrity judges included the fantastic, Jo Brand and Kevin Day.

We want to offer a platform for the incredible array of young Scottish talent to be showcased. 

If you have any further questions, please do ask – more than happy to assist with any enquiries.




Hi Julie,

We are recruiting EXTRAS for a new Feature film shooting close to Edinburgh & Glasgow from May 2016.

It is a great opportunity for anyone remotely interested in film and TV or simply anyone who would like the experience and earn some extra cash!

If you, or anyone you know, would like to be a part of this exciting new project, and get paid for it, please complete a profile on our website asap at

What we are looking for...

Men & Women 16yrs and over.
You must have the right to work in the UK.
No experience is necessary.
All work is paid.

Please spread the word with your friends and family or anyone that may be interested?

Thanks in advance.


Arron Cuthbertson

Casting Booker

2020 Casting Limited
Hopgood Street
W12 7JU

NASAAMember Agencies
T: 020 8746 2020


Film: Zombie City - - SHOT IN SCOTLAND Age 8+ CURRENT
Cast Required: Extras to play zombies
Casting Date: TBC
Application via 
Age: 8+

The project is being shot in a number of major cities throughout the UK including Scotland. To be considered as an extra on this film please go to website, and select the zombie city project, tol find all the current details about this project.

Dates for the casting haven't been released yet, however students complete the online form we will email them once the dates for casting in Scotland are released.

Apply directly to Casting Crew


Recruiting for ‘Amigos’ to work with the YTAS staff team at NFYT 2016 - FOR AGE 18 AND OVER - EXPIRED


Here is a link to more details on our website:


Please share this information with any young people who you think would enjoy being an Amigo at this year’s NFYT.  Please note that applicants must be aged 18 or over (by 6 June 2016), available to attend a staff training day on Saturday 21 May and available to  attend NFYT from Thursday 30 June to Monday 4 July inclusive.


Download Forms below.

 thumbnail of pdf         role desciption pdf thumb


Abigail Harte, Projects Co-ordinator, Youth Theatre Arts Scotland, 1 Summerhall Edinburgh EH9 1PL

0131 538 0591  



Scotland Flyer 

We want people of all experience levels to join us and look forward to working with people that are interested in being on set this year!

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at Scotland@maddogcasting.comor give us a call at 0203 693 1453.


 BOYS AND GIRLS for EIF Opera Age 8-12 - EXPIRED

As part of our production of Norma this summer, we are looking for up to 20 young boys/girls to be non speaking/singing extras for the opening scene.  They would ideally be around 8-12 years old and would only be required for the top of the performance.  There are three performances (5, 7 and 9th August).  They would also be required for up to three sessions earlier in the week (w/c 1st August), to include a dress rehearsal and time for a costume fitting.  It’s the opening production of the 2016 festival and would hopefully serve as a great opportunity for some of the boys/girls in your youth theatre group.


T+44(0)131 473 2099

+44(0)7500 370 869

F+44(0)131 473 2002



STUDENT FILM - BOYS AGE 13-16 - Expired March 2016

My name is Rebecca Paxton and I am a Film & TV student at Edinburgh University. I am currently producing a film named ‘Tricks’ directed by an extremely talented and enthusiastic director Alia Ghafar.

 For the film we require three actors who are young boys between the ages of 13-16. Please take a look at the character bios and if there are any young people who you think may be interested please e-mail ( back or phone me on 07470500882.

Tricks is a film in which a young boy with a passion for magic tricks witnesses a tragic accident he believes his ‘powers’ to be responsible for. The characters we are looking for are:

DENNIS : Dennis is a boy who likes to feel powerful and assert his authority. Respected by his peers, he wants to feel he is better than everyone and resents Sam for being different and having a talent he does not understand.

SAM:  Sam is not exactly a shy boy, but is introverted and in his own world. Magic is an obsessive passion for him and he is content for it to be his focus. When he performs tricks for strangers he is full of confidence and bravado. He doesn’t feel the need for friends, but when he starts to be bullied it hurts and reinforces the fact that he doesn’t belong.

ROSS: Ross is a boy who wants to be respected by his peers but attaches himself to others to do so. He is Dennis’ groupie, almost, laughing and reiterating everything he says. But when things turn violent and dangerous, Ross can have his doubts. Ross makes Dennis seem more intimidating for having a henchman, but in reality he is a vulnerable boy constantly seeking approval.

The film will be shot between Friday 1st April- Friday 8th April within Edinburgh during the Easter break and will be no longer than 3-4 shooting days.
It will be an expenses only film and the casting sessions will be Thursday and Friday this week held at the Edinburgh College of Art 
BNTM Generic Portrait


Your World - Age 8-13 EXPIRED

APPLY DIRECTLY TO ANT (details below the brief)


I am contacting you from Mosaic Films ( We are making 7 four minute films for BBC Bitesize Key Stage 1 Geography for a film series called 'Your World'. Each film consists of one child from a region in the UK and one child from a non-European country taking us through their daily routine as they discuss the human and physical geography of their environment, as well as their hobbies, interests and aspirations. 
We are looking for an 8 - 13 year old from Edinburgh to be in one of the films. The chosen children would need to be accompanied by a parent or other adult.
It is in the first week of November. It is one day off school. But we can work around what is good for the parents i.e. we can do it before or after school.  It is probably best for us to discuss with parents as and when. 
It is unpaid but we can pay expenses for parents.
 We need to send potential contributors to the BBC over the next couple of days so let me know as soon as poss if anyone is interested!
Ant Adeane
Mosaic Films
4th Floor, Shacklewell Studios
28 Shacklewell Lane
London E8 2EZ
Telephone: 020 7923 299


Proud to be a Doctor BBC - 8/9/small10 - EXPIRED

This is an expenses only set-up (parking etc) and if you're interested or want more info please contact Freya directly (details at the bottom of the Brief).
We're an independent production company based in Dorset and we've recently won a commission to make a series of short films for the BBC's educational website, Bitesize. These films will feature 7 different professions and look at how they have changed over history. There will be three layers to each film: one person from deep history represented through archive and documents, one person from the 20th century represented through photos and film footage and one current professional, who will be interviewed by an 8 or 9 year old about their job and what it entails.
One of the films is called 'Proud to be a Doctor' and will be filmed in Edinburgh. We're looking to cast a child to take part in this short from the area. We're filming with Dr Dave Ceasar on Sat 3rd Oct at the Royal Infirmary and would like an 8 or 9 year old child to come along and be filmed talking to the doctor about his job.

I'm looking for a confident young person who is comfortable on camera and wondered whether any of The Drama Studio students may be interested in applying?

We're especially keen to represent the diversity of children across the country.

We're asking for all interested children, with the help and permission of their parent or guardian, to film a short video of themselves. The video could be of them interviewing a family member on a subject of their choice. Alternatively, they could talk to the person filming them about one of their hobbies.
 It would be helpful if they could start off by saying their name so that we know who to get in touch with afterwards as well. (However, if you have a student you'd like to recommend who will find shooting a video hard for any reason, please just let me know.)

This film doesn't need to be high quality, or very long, it can just be shot on a mobile phone, and is just to give us an idea of their confidence in front of the camera. We would also appreciate the parent / guardian doing the filming to briefly appear on camera to state that they've given permission for their child to apply.

They can upload the film to us via the website WeTransfer ( for free (rather than uploading to a public video sharing site). However, if this is difficult for any reason, or if they need help using the site, they can get in touch and I'll happily help.

We would also need confirmation from their another parent / guardian that they are willing and able to transport and accompany their child on the day of filming - Sat 3rd Oct in the Royal Infirmary If the child is successful, we will give their parent a call to discuss details.
The next step would then be to send a short list of interested children to the BBC who will offer their opinion before we formally cast someone to be in the film - but we'll endeavour to make this a quick process and to let children that have applied know as soon as possible.
Thanks very much and if parents have any questions, please they can give me a call or drop me an email.

Best wishes,

Freya Eden-Ellis
Bright Button Productions Ltd.
07860 938 188




BBC Saturday Night Entertainment Show is looking for couples (partners/children/grandparents /best friends/colleagues etc) to take part in this driving challenge TV show. 
For Full details and to apply click on the Link



JK Rowling's Harry Potter spin-off film.


Film studio Warner Bros is looking for a girl between the age of eight and 12 to play the character of Modesty.

 Go To The link below for details.


Teenage Casting For Extras Film Opportunity - EXPIRED

My name is Catalina Ganea and I am an MA film student at Edinburgh Napier University. I am the production manager for one of this year's graduation Films. 
I am currently looking for some extras for this film.
I am looking for children aged between 12 and 16, both girls and boys, it can be a mixture of the above mentioned ages, but I am interested to have a majority of 16 year old children.
The extras would play secondary school kids in the school corridor and in the playground.
The film is about a young boy who suffers from schizophrenia, and who is blamed by his classmates in a violent act that he didn't commit. The school scenes will be shot between 27-30 July, although the parts when we need extras won't require more than a day. However the schedule is not definitive at this stage, and I can't give you an exact date. These scenes will be shot at Broughton High school, Edinburgh.
This positions are not paid, but we will pay for the travel expenses and meals. The extras will also get a credit in the film.
Also, the film will be screened at filmhouse along with the other graduation films this year, but a date for this wasn't set yet, probably October or November. I can inform you when I will know myself. 
Please let me know if you can help me, and don't hesitate to contact me with any question that you may have.


Audition-Poster 31Contact Margarita directly to arrange audition - EXPIRED


 Auditions Poster  Register For Audition - EXPIRED




We have two 5 min films coming up with children as lead actors (see poster --hopefully all the info is in it ), I am sending the outline (see attached) of the first one and the very first draft of the second one. We are really excited about these projects, hope you will like it too and ask your members if they would be interested.
If you are interested please contact Margarita directly (contact details on the poster).

Please be aware that you will need to chaperone your child on the film set during the film days should your daughter be successful in getting a part.


 Audtion Poster



The Drama Studio Casting Agency is currently looking for children to take part in a fashion shoot for a company specialising in catalogues, online campaigns etc.


We need 3 categories of children of different looks, ages and sizes, with height the most important:

BABIES from 6 to 18 months.

MINIS Children between 3 to 5 years, // Height: from 95 cm - 1.12 m

JUNIORS Children between 9 to 12 years // Height: 1.30 - 1.45m

If you are interested in your children taking part please e-mail for details.



HIDE AND SEEK - FILM Boy and Girl Aged 6-8 -EXPIRED

I am looking for a male and female actor from the ages of 6-8 for a short experimental film . I am a film student at Edinburgh collage of Art and I am working along side a very talented director at Edinburgh. We were wondering if you could let us know if you have anyone that would want to take part in the film?

I've managed to fix the date for the film we want to shoot. It will be on sunday the 1st of February. 


 Also please could you put emphasis on the fact that the female actress will not know about being abused as when we shoot that its all from the characters point of view. Thank you for helping me.
Contact Florrie Munro 07957247648



BOYS in Edinburgh - FILM - KETTLE - Age 14-16 - Drama Studio Casting - LOOKING FOR EXTRAS THIS FRIDAY(27th) AND SUNDAY (1st) SHOOT at Currie High School - EXPIRED

A student film to be shot in Edinburgh. For script detail e-mail


BILLY ELLIOT - Theatre - EXPIRED - Boys Aged 9-12 years - OPEN AUDITIONS

Billy Stage Ad 2015


To receive an application form please - email




ROAD - Student Film - EXPIRED

Our new semester almost started and I wanted to ask for your help once more, we have one minute film projects coming and I am working on project called 'Road' I will attach the synopsis and the script (its just first draft so it might change a bit). We will have two young boys (age around 12 and 14) in the film, maybe there will be some boys interested in trying out these parts? Thank you so much for your help again! It would be good if you informed them about the project, we will be very flexible about the date, but filming should happen sometime between 20th of January and 5th of February. And I could start arranging casting with the ones who are interested as soon as possible. Thank you so much.

Road (Working Title) Synopsis

John (12) and his brother Harry (16) are faced with the seemingly simple task of using a pedestrian crossing to cross a busy road. However, John is autistic and the aspect of his condition commonly referred to as ‘sensory sensitivity’ makes this everyday task challenging for him to complete. As John prepares to cross the road his senses become overwhelmed by the sight and sounds of the rushing traffic.



Contact Margarita Veberaite

                                           Margarita Veberaite
                                           phone number:   07949405185



Voice- Over - Girl Age 7-10years Status- EXPIRED

An MA student from Napier University- Screen Academy has contacted us looking for a girl to do a voice- over for the following film (see synopsis script  for her Film Project).


This is an adult film but an opportunity for a young actor to be able to add onto CV and experience of studio voice recording. The recording shouldn't take long 40 mins-1 hour.
The film is unpaid and a parent /adult will be required to chaperone.

If anyone is interested please contact Margarita   07949405185 directly to arrange a read through audition.






2-minute short


In a crashing airplane, a man tries to spend the last two minutes of his life with his beloved ones.


MALE ACTOR AGED 17-18 (16 might be considered)       STATUS - EXPIRED

TITLE - Artie Says Goodbye

An MA student from Napier University- Screen Academy has contacted us looking for a boy aged preferably 17 (16 might be okay)

It's an opportunity for a young actor to be able to add onto CV and to gain experience of filming.
The film is unpaid.

The film maker would like to see anyone interested during this week,  planning to film during two days, sometime between 17-23 of November.

If anyone is interested please contact Margarita   07949405185 directly to arrange a read through audition. 





My name is Amelie and I'm a fourth-year Performance Costume student at the Edinburgh College of Art.
We are half way through the first of our two final projects and would like to start looking for suitable models… 
We are having an open call on Wed. the 22nd of October. We are looking for everyone who is interested in acting, performing, dancing and a lot of fun with the lovely Costume Department.

Amelie (




Model Poster


OLIVER AUDITIONS - EDINBURGH KING'S THEATRE - Expired - Congratulations to our successful students !


We want to offer your pupils the chance to be part of a production of Oliver! in the beautiful surroundings of the Edinburgh King's Theatre next year (performances from Tuesday 3 to Saturday 7 March 2013).  Southern Light Opera is looking for boys and girls aged between eight and twelve years for our production and we would like to invite children from in and around Edinburgh to an audition at the Festival Theatre on Saturday 13 September.
Being part of full-scale production like this is a fantastic experience and our young members learn a lot about responsibility and gain so much confidence from the experience. If you think any of your pupils would be interested in taking part we'd be delighted to hear from them.  They can register their interest by emailing us at and if you have any questions for us we would be happy to answer them, please just get in touch.
NB - They intend to rehearse on Wednesday evenings and Fridays nearer show time.



Please find below a film opportunity for you if you are interested and aged 16 or over. Please contact the Director directly to arrange an audition.



I'm looking for someone to play my lead female protagonist and someone recommended that I get in contact with you. Due to casting complications and deadlines, I ideally need to start rehearsals and filming next week. 


Some context of the story as well as script snippets is below and I'm looking for a female between the ages of 16 and 24. As this is a student project there will be no payment however travel expenses will be covered and as I'm hoping to enter the finished film in festivals, everyone who works on it will be contracted a deferred payment should it ever make money.

I'll be filming next weekend - the 26th and 27th - and also a couple of weekdays - either Thursday 24th or Monday the 28th and Tuesday the 29th - however the weekday filming would always be from at least 5pm onwards and would run to no longer than 8pm.


All the filming will take place in Edinburgh. They'll be some exterior scenes at Gypsy Brae and Holyrood Park as well as interiors at Edinburgh College Sighthill Campus and a house  near the college. Tasha



LUCI-script snippet




A fantasy adventure that follows a teenage girl called Lilah Rose who learns a secret that her family has kept from her all her life on her birthday. Once the secret is revealed, her life as she knows it is taken from her as they move back to their hometown and Lilah is expected to become a leader. While initially she tries to cling onto any normality she can find, this proves difficult as she has to face enemies unlike anything she has ever imagined.


In the scene below, Lilah is meeting Alasdair for the second time but only just seeing his face. Her friends are elsewhere in the forest and this is only the second fight Lilah has been in although she has had training.

In the next scene, Caleb is showing Lilah a hidden area of the village that is accessible through the forest. Lilah hasn’t lived there long and Caleb is trying to make sure she’s happy.


Script Excerpts



LILAH: What's your name? (fiercely) Your name?
ALASDAIR: (snarls) The Council has no singular names.
LILAH: (smirking) What was your name then?
ALASDAIR: Alasdair. You picked the wrong person to aim for, dog. (mocking) You’re not thinking, not seeing. Why is that?
LILAH: Why is it you’re thinking for yourself?
ALASDAIR: You clearly cannot tell, but several of my fellow council members have become incapacitated elsewhere thanks to your little pack, meaning our link is less strong.
LILAH: (quietly) Good to know.


CALEB: (whispers) Okay. Open your eyes.


LILAH: (awestruck) Wow. Caleb, it's beautiful. I had no idea this was here.


CALEB: Not many people do. A group in the village keep it hidden as much as possible


LILAH: Why'd you bring me here, Caleb?


CALEB: I just thought you'd like it and I want… I want you to be happy here Lilah. I know it's a big change, and you miss your old friends, but I really want you to feel at home and to enjoy living here.


LILAH: (happily) Thank you Caleb. I'm definitely happier than I was, and this? (softly) And you… it's perfect.






The Musical




Production Company:            David Ian Productions and ATG       

Director:                                  Simon Phillips


AUDITIONS                          Thursday 23rd January in Edinburgh


Based on the Oscar winning movie The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, the musical tells the funny and moving story of three drag performers who set off from Sydney across the Australian desert in a battered old tour bus, christened Priscilla. The show contains over 20 classic disco hits such as I Will Survive and I Love The Nightlife. 


We would like to cast 1 boy to join the company in Edinburgh

Performances from 3rd – 8th March 2014

CHILDREN MUST LIVE IN EDINBURGH OR VICINITY – within 45 minutes travel time of  the venue

Children will live at home. Parents/guardians will be required to get children to and from the rehearsal and performance venues, but chaperones will be provided for the actual rehearsals and performances. Rehearsals will normally be in the week before the dates above.



Son of Tick/Mitzi (Drag Queen) and Marion (Hotel Entertainment Manager). Marion has brought him up to be sweet and open-minded. Tick makes the journey across the desert to spend time with him, having been away in Sydney for his early years.


Male aged 7-10 years, playing age 6-8 years. Height under 4ft 6in. Acting and some singing - nice clear singing voice. Dance ability optional, not essential. Innocent and sweet, but with a natural cheekiness. Slight build. Needs to be confident with good energy and concentration.


Please send recent photo and cv, which must include details of age, height and any experience or training (Saturday school, drama/dance classes etc) AND MUST INCLUDE INFORMATION ABOUT WHERE THEY LIVE WITH REFERENCE TO THE ABOVE VENUE to :

 CRIMS - 15/9/2013 - EXPIRED

Dear Head of Drama / Drama Leader

I am a Casting Director (Skins/The Inbetweeners/My Mad Fat Diary) currently casting a new Sit-Com series for BBC3. ‘CRIMS’ will be an important show for the channel and will, most probably, be filmed in front of a live studio audience.

I’m looking for two male comedy geniuses (any ethnicity BUT particularly interested in hearing from Black, Asian or Mixed-race actors.) to play around 18/19yrs. They would need to be available for 3 days beginning of Oct, one week at the end of Dec and three weeks in early Jan.


Please distribute to anyone you feel I should meet and I’d be incredibly grateful if you could display this notice to your students.

Anyone who feels they should be considered should email me (attaching a recent pic) to the address below.

NB Boys should be 17yrs minimum.

Many thanks


Jane Ripley

Casting Director -
If you are interested please contact the Casting Director directly.

 CASTLES IN THE SKY - 16/9/13 Please contact

 We are casting a one off drama for the BBC called CASTLES IN THE SKY, it is the story of Robert Watson-Watt, the Scottish scientist who invented radar shortly before WW2. It will be shooting outside of Edinburgh throughout October and we are looking for a young actor for the role of DYER.

DYER is the nephew of Robert Watson-Watt (Eddie Izzard will play this role), and should play around 14 years old but due to the filming schedule, will need to work adult hours, so be 16 and have left compulsory full-time education.


Martin Ware
Casting Associate to John & Ros Hubbard


DC Thomson 6/9/13 - Contact the Director directly


We are working on concepts for the above for our client DC Thomson.
As part of this we are looking for female actors in their 50s, 60s or possibly 70s who are upbeat, warm, friendly, positive, always looking on the bright side of life. People who always make you smile and cheer you up, no matter what sort of day you're having. The best example we can think of would be Pam Ayres – slight cheekiness, twinkle in her eye etc
Do you have anyone on your books who might be suitable?
Concepts are being developed just now and it is likely we will be taking a 'talking head' kind of route. It's possible we might end up with a need for voice over too.
Light regional accents are fine, though the client's preference will be for a generic UK rather than Scottish.
Any thoughts much appreciated.
All the best.


Ursula Posch
Account Director

Jump, 77 Montgomery Street, Edinburgh EH7 5HZ
t 0131 558 5476 m 07730 197 641







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