Nursery and Early Primary

We have Primary 1-2 or Primary 1-3 classes at most of our venues and we can also welcome mature age 4's.

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"On the first day, three years ago, my son clung to my leg but The Drama Studio's approach more than any other activity, has helped his development and self -confidence. There are magical moments on stage that will be imprinted on my memory forever."  Eileen Hone - Parent

The Nursery and Primary 1-3 classes will learn many drama games which will help understanding the importance of turn-taking, listening and speaking up when you have something to say.

Drama Studio Teachers use the highly effective teacher in role teaching technique to engage the children tapping into the immense capacity that young children have for imaginative role-play and mime.

It never fails to amaze us just how creative children are at this age and indeed the most extraordinary things happen in a young Drama class!




                   Exploring Ideas                                               In suspense !                                       Working With The Teacher



Train  Space  dogs

                       On The Train !                                                      In Space                                                       It's A Dog's Life !


aliens  confident


         Aliens                                       Confident Individuals !


"Matthew is never happier than in role play or developing his own creative stories, acting them out in some epic ! "  Gillian Duncan   Parent

"Drama is my favourite place in the world."   Robert Age 7


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