We have Junior classes at all of our venues, ages ranging from Primary 4 - Primary 7.

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"Olivia's teacher at school has commented on how good her characterisation is. She has great voices for The Twits. She loves being other people! My son Michael who has always found it hard to keep up with other kids just loves the drama class. He runs in beaming and pays attention - that's quite a big deal for him..!" Gill Cloke


The Junior classes will work on plays and stories through to a presentation at the end of term.

Once we have introduced a drama structure to the class, the group will work their own ideas into the improvisation.

We will  focus on specific drama skills  including mime, movement, speed and pacing, interview techniques, storytelling, role-play, documentaries, still images, voice projection, stance and selective scripting.

Each year we choose several of our Junior Drama groups to perform in our Day In the Theatre Experience.


Here are some photographs of our Junior classes and Junior Theatre Shows.



jeykll  hood  folktale sailors                      Jekyll and Hyde                  Robin Hood                             The Changeling                                                Marie Celeste

 nessie  Elements - earth   Discussing

                       Loch Ness Monster                                              Family Drama                                           Discussing Ideas


Elements - Water  morris dancers  Mr Mump  Boats  Jester's tales

          Elements - Water               Morris Dancers                 Mr Mump's Surprise                       Sailor's Horn Pipe             Jester


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