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On This page you will find recent Casting Opportunities For Young People. Details of who to contact are beside each listing.

Please note these are OPEN AUDITION OPPORTUNITIES that we pass on to our students and are not directed through our Casting Agency. Apply directly to the contacts supplied. The Drama Studio can take no responsibility for your experience of dealing with them.  

The status will show you if the opportunity is taking place now (CURRENT) or has passed (EXPIRED)


Let’s Go For A Walk (CBeebies) - Ages 3-8 - EXPIRED
Let’s Go For A Walk is all about getting outside and exploring, following children as they have fun on local walks. We go for a walk in towns and cities, in the countryside, on the beach - anywhere that your children might go for a walk! Each walk is all about children having a great time outside as they use imaginative play, spot interesting things at local landmarks or learn about the nature they find.
Here is a link to our previous series:
Children must be from the same household, with an adult family member who is also willing to take part in the filming. We welcome applications from children of all abilities and backgrounds. 
If selected, filming will be a maximum of one day between September – November 2020.
We are strictly adhering to all government COVID guidelines and TV Production protocols. 
How to apply
• Complete the application form APPLICATION FORM CLICK HERE
• Please attach a photograph of your children 
• Please send your application form and photo to the email below:
I have attached the application form to this email. If you could share this with any families you think might suitable this would be greatly appreciated. Ideally we are looking for 2 or 3 children from the same household - this might be siblings etc. They must all be between the ages of 3-8.


BBC BITESIZE - Age 5-7 with Parents/Grandparents - EXPIRED

We are an independent production company making a series of early literacy films for BBC Bitesize. This will be our second series so you may remember us from the first time around. The films are aimed at Early Years and P1 students, and are designed to encourage children to listen to the musicality of language as a book is read, and to model reading behaviour. Specifically, we use a graphic soundwave device with simple illustration to focus attention on the sound of the voice, instead of following the narrative pictorially. They are especially targeted at children who are not ordinarily read to at home.

We have produced a series of these films already, which you can view here: 

We are now looking for children who are around 5-7 years old and their parents / grandparents / carers to film with for our next few films. This time, instead of using a separately recorded voiceover, we would like to use the voice of the parent / carer doing the reading.

I wondered whether any of your students might be keen? If so, would you be willing to reach out to some of their parents / guardians to share this information? Initially, we would be looking for a quick voice recording of the adult reading a children's book, (it can just be recorded on a phone - doesn't have to be professional) and a photo of them and their child. We'll then use these to make final casting decisions along with the BBC team.

For your peace of mind, safeguarding is our primary concern whenever we work with children. We always ensure that the child's guardian is present and has given explicit permission. We have plenty of experience filming with children and everyone directly engaging with the children will have undertaken BBC training to work with children. Our Producer / Director is also DBS checked.

We always make it fun, and it's also a great opportunity for children who are interested in performance or media - or who may just enjoy the experience!


Janine Sales
Production Assistant
Bright Button Productions Ltd.
01305 755 608



Looking for boys and girls for the Lion King when it is in Edinburgh from December. 
About 9 - 11
Under 4 foot 6
Dark skinned
Very good singing.
Some dance
Thank you
Jo Hawes CDG
EMAIL with the information required.


KidsKnowBest (EXPIRED) Aged 3-11


KidsKnowBest is all about giving kids a voice and we are heading to the North/Scotland! From the latest products to viral news, seeking the opinions of those who really matter. We create fun and engaging content that children and parents alike watch and share together.


We need our future stars aged 3-11. We want our kids to be funny, entertaining, opinionated and, most of all, honest. Working with the BBC, Universal, Disney and many more, our videos are seen by parents and children all over the globe. This will give your child a chance to not only grow their confidence but also provide them with a ready-made platform to showcase their personality and talent. 

If you find this of interest, please feel free to put anyone forward for our casting days on the 15th or 16th of July! You/they can sign up here (whichever is easiest):

We'll be at this address:

GLASGOW - Tuesday 16th July and Wednesday 17th July at uNeak Studios, Strathclyde Business Centre, 120 Carstairs Street, Glasgow, G40 4JD.

And you can find out more about us and our work in the links below:

Let me know if you have any questions. Regardless - we look forward to meeting everyone!

Thank you so much,

Myriam White
Community Manager, KidsKnowBest

+447899245681 |


The  Show (Expired) - FAMILIES aged 18+

STV and ITV favourite, Lorraine Kelly, is hosting a brand new entertainment show with the makers of Catchphraseand we need teams of two to join us in studio and attempt to withdraw as much money as possible from our massive ATM.

To make a withdrawal, you’ll need to solve the PIN number by answering a series of fun general knowledge questions... and the quicker you answer, the more money you’ll withdraw.

The team that banks the least amount of money at the end of each round will go out, but the team that make it all the way to the final round get the chance to keep all the money they have accumulated over the show.

Is your general knowledge good enough to take you all the way to the End Game, help you crack the PIN and win an amazing cash prize?

Apply now to find out!!!


We’re looking for pairs which can be a mix of family members, friends, partners or colleagues. Applicants must be 18+ and resident in Scotland.Closing date for applications is 11th June 2019.

How to Apply

You and your quiz partner can apply by filling in a joint application form at this link:

Any questions can be directed to or call the team on 0141 300 3248

Important Dates


Auditions will be held in Glasgow Wednesday 12th June and Saturday 15th June, with the possibility of Skype auditions for a selected number who may not be able to attend.

Filming will take place in Glasgow on 5th & 6th July 2019.

Closing date for applications is 11th June 2019.

Lauren Elliott

Casting Assistant Producer | 0141 300 3248 |

STV | Pacific Quay | Glasgow | G51 1PQ

Switchboard: 0141 300 3000



I am emailing as I am casting for an exciting new comedy show for an international broadcaster. Could you please circulate my email with people who you think might be suitable for the role of Kevin and interested in auditioning or if you know of other organisations who might be interested please also share with them. Equally perhaps your members might know someone they want to share it with. THIS IS A FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY FOR  WHEELCHAIR USER.

 Please see description of the character below

The role we are currently looking for is a lead role - a teenager called Kevin.

Kevin was injured in a car accident when he was younger and as a result of the crash he now uses a wheelchair. Before the crash he was not in a wheelchair and was able to walk. 

We are only looking for genuine wheelchair users for this role but the important thing to note is that the person chosen for this role needs to realistically portray that they are a wheelchair user because of an accident.  

Kevin  is fun, cheeky, very likeable with great spirit.


Applicants must have the following criteria:


Playing age 14-18 (we will consider older applicants if they look young) HE MUST FEEL LIKE A BOY STILL - NOT A MAN.

Wheelchair user

Any ethnicity

Any accent

**This is a paid role. We currently don’t have casting dates**

Please email:

**Closing date for submissions 9th April 2019**

In the email please include:


A recent photo


 contact details (email/tel)

 Where you are based

 If you are under 18 years old, communication must include parent/guardian contact details.


FAMILY DOCUMENTARY CASTING OPPORTUNITY (EXPIRED) - We want to ask the question – if you knew more about where the food on your plate came from, would it change your diet? We’re looking for warm, opinionated families who may be interested in taking part in this exciting new experiment for prime time TV. We are ideally looking for families with teenage children, but at this stage if you would just like to find out a bit more then please do get in contact with us. Filming will be from mid April – mid May. Any interested families can email us at or call us on 0207 065 6940. This is currently the last week of casting, so if you want to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us ASAP.