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On This page you will find recent Casting Opportunities For Young People. Details of who to contact are beside each listing.

Please note these are OPEN AUDITION OPPORTUNITIES that we pass on to our students and are not directed through our Casting Agency. Apply directly to the contacts supplied. The Drama Studio can take no responsibility for your experience of dealing with them.  

The status will show you if the opportunity is taking place now (CURRENT) or has passed (EXPIRED)


This Is Me (EXPIRED)

Our team are looking for confident, outgoing and expressive children aged 6-8 to take part in our exciting new series.

We are targeting specific organisations around the country to help us source these families, and we were hoping that you might be able to help us?

If so, could you please send the following information and attached application form to the parents of your most confident and conscientious children aged 6-8 that are connected to your organisation and that you think could be interested? (Please note if you are sharing on social media platforms that you only do this on closed groups):

Short film series This Is Me is returning to the CBeebies channel this year, telling the stories of lots of special children from around the world.

We are looking for confident, enthusiastic and expressive children aged 6-8 to take part in the series. The children will become storytellers, using their amazing voices to tell the tales of children from lots of different countries.


This opportunity is for children anywhere in the UK. Children who are cast for the series will not appear on screen but will record their voice-over in a suitable location near their home. Children will receive support and direction from members of the team to be able to do this. 

If you want to apply you need to:

1.    Get permission: All contact made with us must be from an adult and not the child. All contact numbers and email addresses provided must be for the adult.

2. Contact the Production Team: Applications (see forms attached) can be submitted by e-mail. Please send your completed application form along with a photograph of the child to The deadline for applications is 5pm on Thursday 14th October 2021.

We cannot guarantee that you will be contacted after submitting an application. If we need any more information or would like to progress your application further, then a member of our team will be in touch by 15th November 2021. Please note, families will be required to submit a voice recording from a smartphone or similar device should they progress to the next stage of auditions.

Thank you and good luck!

Laura McCance | Researcher

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TV Series - For families - EXPIRED

We're making a brand new, warm-hearted, series packed with tips, hacks and strategies designed to help people spend less time on their phones, tablets, game consoles etc…the screen tech many of us use every day.  And we're looking for families to take part - people who are keen to improve habits around their devices. 

Anyone looking for more info can visit our website -

Email us to arrange an informal, no obligation chat about what taking part would involve.