Class Age Groupings

Young Children's Classes

We have classes for age 5-7 at most of our venues and we can also welcome mature age 4's.

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"On the first day, three years ago, my son clung to my leg but The Drama Studio's approach more than any other activity, has helped his development and self -confidence. There are magical moments on stage that will be imprinted on my memory forever."  Eileen Hone - Parent

The Nursery and Primary 1-3 classes will learn many drama games which will help understanding the importance of turn-taking, listening and speaking up when you have something to say.

Drama Studio Teachers use the highly effective teacher in role teaching technique to engage the children tapping into the immense capacity that young children have for imaginative role-play and mime.

It never fails to amaze us just how creative children are at this age and indeed the most extraordinary things happen in a young Drama class!

Exploring Ideas

                      Exploring Ideas

In Suspense

In Suspense

Working With The Teacher

Working With The Teacher



Junior Classes

We have Junior classes (Age 8-11) at all of our venues.

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"Olivia's teacher at school has commented on how good her characterisation is. She has great voices for The Twits. She loves being other people! My son Michael who has always found it hard to keep up with other kids just loves the drama class. He runs in beaming and pays attention - that's quite a big deal for him..!" Gill Cloke

The Junior classes will work on plays and stories through to a presentation at the end of term.

Once we have introduced a drama structure to the class, the group will work their own ideas into the improvisation.

We will  focus on specific drama skills  including mime, movement, speed and pacing, interview techniques, storytelling, role-play, documentaries, still images, voice projection, stance and selective scripting.

Here are some photographs of our Junior classes and Junior Shows.



Jekyll and Hyde


The Changeling


Marie Celeste


Robin Hood



Loch Ness Monster

family drama   

Family Drama


Discussing Ideas

Jester's tales



Elements - Water

The Elements - Water

morris dancers 

Morris Dancers

Mr Mump

Mr Mump's Surprise


Sailor's Horn Pipe

Senior Classes 

We currently have three Teenage groups – at Fairmilehead, at Bruntsfield, and Wardie - Check these venue pages for times.

Each year our Senior students are involved in the following:

A live show presented in a local Theatre.

A Film Project which showcases our best short films a Red Carpet Evening Awards Ceremony in a local Hotel Venue. The Awards Ceremony is truly a fantastic event and a highlight for our teenage groups. 

Click here to find more information about previous Film Awards Ceremonies, see footage of winning films, our guests etc 

Not only is the Drama content of the Senior Yearly Programme very exciting but also a great opportunity for teenagers from all over the city to meet others with a common interest in Drama. Friendships are made here which last right into adulthood.

Click Here to read amazing stories and Drama Studio testimonies from ex-students now in aged their twenties reflecting on their time with us and the impact the classes have made on their lives.

If you would like to reserve a place at one of the Teenage groups please get in touch soon as these classes are very popular and fill up quickly.

"I have had amazing fun doing all the shows and made amazing friends. I hope other people will have the chance to have such an awesome experience."  Kate Farrar - Age 16

"Alex has had huge benefit from your approach to drama and has loved it. The improvisational approach has so much more going for it than a highly coached thing. The Drama Studio has given him confidence in himself and is his best subject now."   Eunice Duthie - Parent

Here are some photos from some of our Senior Drama shows.


Faery Pond

The Faery Pond

 Fair To Middlin

Fair To Middling






 Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge

 Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd

 Tam O Shanter

Tam O'Shanter




 Jimmy Brown

The Death of Jimmy Brown

 measle's revenge

Measle's Revenge


The Passing Of The Ring


Caked In Duels



Half Hangit Maggie

Send Up 2

Send Up

She's dead

The Ghostly Truth

Robert liston

Robert Liston