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Teacher Training In-Service

The Drama Studio is a quality assured Creative Partner on The Creativity Portal and registered with Public Contracts Scotland.

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What The Drama Studio Can Offer Your School

1. After School - In-Service Day CPD

Approx 2 hour Training Sessions with your staff tailor made to your Topics/Areas of Interest, inspiring teacher confidence, fun and relaxed delivery. Content designed for teachers to be able to use immediately within their own classroom settings. 

2. In School Alongside Class Teachers

We will visit your school to work within the classroom setting.

Teachers can observe and take part within their own time/pace alongside experienced Drama teachers.

3. One -To One Training Sessions

In depth training for teachers particularly interested in Drama Teaching techniques and an excellent way of "handing down" training to the other teachers in the school.


"I had the pleasure of meeting Julie recently and attending a one-to-one session on delivering drama to pupils in the primary school setting. I found the session extremely worthwhile. It gave me ideas for new, inclusive games where children can develop their creativity through their active participation. It made me look afresh at how I deliver drama and the benefits of moving from predominantly directive teaching to more Teacher in Role work to unleash the children’s natural creativity. I learned a lot from Julie and would highly recommend taking the opportunity to attend any drama courses she is running."

Audrey McLeod - Goodlyburn Primary School


4. Online Lesson Plans 

We have a large online Lesson Plan Resource related to Curriculum Topic and Themes most of which can be done within your own classroom setting. 

We offer Lesson Plan Discounts as part of CPD/One-to-One or In School Workshops. 

To visit the Lesson Plan page Click Here

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Teacher Evaluations on Within School and In-Service

"The Drama Studio supports creative learning at Canal View Primary School. This involves working directly with children and also developing approaches to the Expressive Arts with teachers. This has been very highly rated by staff and learners. The work was evaluated as one of the strengths in our improvement Plan. The work done has aided us in developing a progression of creative skills. The learners in our P6 class were able to confidently express the value that this has for them in a recent Creative Conversations event, where they spoke of the skills they have developed. The work of The Drama Studio is of the very highest quality." Ann Moore, Head Teacher, Canal View Primary School

Another big thank you from myself and my colleague, as well from all the children of our two P7 classes. The play and your input was great,  Mrs MacTavish ‘s Waxworks play was thoroughly enjoyed by the school and the parents. Crucially, the  children performing were involved at all stages. Encouraging their contributions throughout meant the children’s creativity and confidence grew and their excitement and engagement was ensured. The whole process was an inspiring and happy experience for all. The very professional support and guidance we received was first class.Thanks again Julie. Class teacher K Watson, Hermitage Park Primary June 2018

Your input was very relaxed, comfortable and non-pressurised which made it really engaging for all pupils – especially those who struggle with confidence.Your method of teaching made each pupil’s part easy to remember without using a script and the pupils were able to add their own take to their characters! The children thoroughly enjoyed working with you! Thanks. Claire Little, Hermitage Park Primary June 2018

Popcorn games - really quick and easy, very versatile for all ages and topics. Really entertaining and lots of ideas. The leaders of the session were amazing! Daisy, Prestonfield Primary 

"So much content was covered in each session-very thorough planning to give us the best opportunities possible in the timeavailable and just right for the children. Very good value both professionally and financially."  Chris McCormick Head Teacher, Cameron House 

"This was a fantastic course. I would be extremely interested in a follow-up course."  Silverknowes teacher 

"A truly talented drama specialist who had the children and adults gripped." Arlene Hay, Nursery Nurse

 "My class have enjoyed ‘Pop’ and we have had a shot of ‘Woosh’ too, which turned an otherwise very boring lesson into something memorable.I was looking at these activities from both a P7 and P1 perspective and I could use everything in both settings with just a wee tweek. Absolutely loved it, it was one of the best sessions we’ve had. And it was fun! I would recommend to all!" Kara McMillan, Prestonfield Primary 

I found the whoosh technique most useful.  I think it will be an effective strategy to use in a writing lesson.  Many of the children find it challenging to draw upon their real life experiences or their imagination when writing.  I think incorporating this technique into writing lessons will help them to formulate ideas prior to writing.I really enjoyed the training session.  It was engaging and fun.  It’s also really useful to actually be involved in the drama, as the children would be.  It gives you an understanding of how the children feel and the challenges that they face.  It’s also easier to remember the techniques if you’ve actually done it as opposed to reading about it or watching someone else do it. Claire Smith, Canal View 

The use of music was really impactful.Most of the workshop was adaptable to any stage. It was a very good illustration of how engaging drama can be as a teaching tool. Craig Leask, Prestonfield Primary

"Excellent practical ideas. I would love a follow-up course." Wardie Teacher

I love using drama with children although I am not very confident.  Performing and taking part in activities is usually my biggest fear, doing presentations etc make me ill, however I really enjoyed the session, it was very relaxed and because we all know each other quite well it was easy to get absorbed into the moment and the learning.  It was a great afternoon, thank you. Sue Russell, Canal View 

"Excellent practical ideas. I would love a follow-up course." Wardie Teacher

It was fantastic and gave me great ideas to use in the classroom. I really enjoyed Whoosh and I am already using this in my classroom. I really like how it brings stories to life and have found that it is already helping the pupils to show more detail in their writing. Thanks you very much for providing a fun and entertaining session with loads of useful teaching techniques. Eilidh Mears, Canal View 

The in-service day you and your colleague delivered to our school (St Andrews Fraserburgh) was absolutely fantastic and appreciated by all staff! Some of the staff were a little anxious when I said ‘Drama folk’ were coming to deliver some CPD, with the thought of having to put their voice out there. However, each of them said afterwards, how they were made to feel comfortable by Louise and yourself.Staff had commented on the creativity of the session, offering people the chance to consider and practise ‘teaching in role’ (TIR). The examples you gave fitted in very well with project work teachers were working on, due to your pre-planned questionnaire.

Staff have since been willing to partake in the challenge you set for them; taking TIR and using it to draw out children’s (and their own) creativity. The packs you provided have helped progress this, and I know teachers have been in contact with you, requesting even more tailored resources! (Which is brilliant.)

You and Louise were truly inspirational, and gave teachers a new avenue to pursue, which will in turn ensure the children of St Andrews School Fraserburgh are given a greater opportunity to demonstrate their creative selves. Raymond Geddes -St Andrews Primary School, Fraserburgh

All of it – and actually getting the chance to experience it for myself.  This allowed me to feel totally engaged. I cannot wait to start working with you again in our bridge topic and I am sure I will learn loads! Christie Dawson, Canal View 

I thought the training was great. I have already use woosh with our word boost book and the children remembered their wow words more than if we had just read it aloud together. They got really into it and were caught up in their own imagination. Was great for team work as well. Wanting to do more build a character with them next term. Amanda Carmichael, Canal View 



Drama Lessons and Resources Evaluations

"With the Baby Bear lesson I was forced to do it out in the playground as renovations were beginning on the school early and there was nowhere else for me to go as the teachers needed time to pack up the classes! The children LOVED the story and they seemed very engaged as I was able to use their ideas. I found being in role actually helped to get their attention and the story line was simple enough to work with. (I once tried 'teacher in role' before and it went badly as I didn't feel properly prepared and the character was quite complicated).
I liked they way in which the lesson was typed so there wasn't an excessive amount of reading and I was able to keep it in my hand and use as a prompt. I sometimes find lesson plans in books/ready made resources hard to follow as they go into too much explanation instead of giving you the information you need to carry out the lesson. Watching the video was also really helpful." Jan Andrew, Aberdeen

"The Children were able to apply what they had learned in class to the drama pack - Viking Complete. It flowed nicely with the IDL topic. Children were very creative and really enjoyed it, they looked forward to it every week. As a teacher the lesson plans are very detailed and have the music alongside it. This is great as it means that it cuts my workload down a little as I don’t need to plan this. They are very useful and are very easy to use." Amanda Carmichael , Canal View PS on Viking Lessons

"The pupils were so excited when I mentioned a Jacobites school assembly performance and a possible show to parents.  They were even more thrilled when I showed them the clip from your website as they all wanted to dress up there and then.  It has really inspired them to write their Glencoe Massacre eyewitness account"

 Wow!  Your script has really got the pupils engaged and enthralled.  They have been learning their lines and we've been having rehearsals over the last few days.  Even during the Christmas holidays, the children were practising with their scene partners and all they want to do is act.  Some have even created animations based on the Glencoe massacre.  They certainly have caught the drama bug thanks to your script.I Am MacIain Play  (Link to Jacobites)  Colin Hunter, Bellsquarry Primary School 2015 

"I've been given an assembly date for 'I am MacIain'.  It's on Friday 25th  January and it's now going to be a whole school assembly, plus parents, plus local residents, plus members of the Parent Council Association.  It's just  grown arms and legs and the pupils are so excited about performing.  It's  amazing the buzz going around the P6 class and the interest being generated  at the school gates. Therefore, I was wondering if you still have all the outfits and equipment  for hire?  If you have, that's great."I Am MacIain Play  (Link to Jacobites)  Colin Hunter, Bellsquarry Primary School used again in 2018

The Drama Studio provided a draft script for the annual Scots Night about  wax figures which come to life. The script was based on famous figures from Scottish history and allowed the children to gain an insight into the influence they have had  on Scottish culture today.   This basic script allowed the learners at Bonaly to add their own scenes and characters which gave it a personal feel.  A name was selected for the play and ‘The Awfy Braw Bonaly Waxworks’ was created.  We hired costumes from the Drama Studio which allowed our pupils to really get into character. The performance was great and it was lovely to have the staff from the Drama Studio there to see how the children had used the original script."  Linda Darroch DHT Bonaly School - Scots Night Script and Organisation 

"Your lesson plans are amazing! I'm delighted I came across your website. It's difficult to come up with lesson plan after lesson plan every week so your material will add new life to my speech and drama classes." Kelly - Ireland

"A huge thankyou for all your help and advice over the past few weeks - you have been amazing!" Rachel Finnie - Greasepaint Academy

"Treasure island was a great success. We had 1 Director, 1 stage Assistant, 2 props and 17 players!" Joanne Grech - Treasure Island

"Great scheme of work." Terry Ward - The Great Fire of London 

"As always Julie a massive thank you!! I really don't know what I would do without you! Yes please to the pack, that should really help to guide me in the right direction.Thanks again." Rachel Miller