Drama Awards Ceremony Quotes

The Drama Studio Film Awards has been a great highlight since we started to do film projects in 2012. Back then none of us knew very much about Film but it was a new and exciting way to present Creative Drama.
Now, only a few years later our students have fantastic skills and every year we get more adventurous with themes and content and that wee idea to make a some films has become something quite extraordinary.
So what do the students themselves feel they achieve from taking part in the project?
"It was amazing to see all the films made by young people. You would never think that young people made them because they are of such a high standard."
 Mimi Moore (Wardie)
"The film projects are so much fun, they're great for capturing the mad ideas we have in our heads and making it come to life in a movie we can produce, direct and edit ourselves."
Evelyn Currie (Wardie)
"Filming is really good although I did feel like slamming my head into a wall several times." 
 Amy Haddow (Wardie) 
"At The Drama Studio we received the support and resources to create successful projects with a level of quality I doubt we would otherwise have achieved."
 Aran Prince-Tappe (Wardie)
"We got a lot of support with our films yet it was all done independently. We all work well together and its great fun."
 Eilidh West (Wardie)
"The films are a great way to bond with others and capture the work we do at drama."
Rosa Davidson (BF)
"It was good that a famous writer gave out the awards."
Max Ironside (Wardie)
"The teachers let us do whatever we want - in a good way of course. They allow us to let our imaginations run free."
  Eve Collen (BF)
"I enjoyed making and watching the live entertainment as everyone had completely different and original ideas."
 Katie Davidson (BF)
"The Drama Studio feels like a no judgement zone." 
  Rebecca Harrison (BF)
"The awards night was brilliant fun and there was a great selection of different things"          Sophie Capon (Wardie)
"The awards night was great ! I had been looking forward to it and was not disappointed. I can't wait for next year."
 Cleo Luna (Wardie)
"Making and editing the films was a fun process that I really enjoyed." 
 Aine Browne (BF)
"The films are great way to bond with others and capture the work we do at Drama." Rosa Davidson (BF)