Class Fee Terms and Conditions


All class fees are payable by the term or for a Holiday Activity Week.

Any other type of payment is strictly by arrangement only.

All fees are payable before the start of the term

There are 4 terms in our year.


Weekly Class Fee Refunds

The Drama Studio is committed to pay Hall fees and Class Teacher fees and can only do so based on class bookings and student commitment to the term.

Some of our Weekday Classes offer Early Bird Payment options. These will be refunded if cancellation is made before the term begins. 

All refunds are subject to a £5 fee. 

For new students we recommend paying for a one-off class to try it before paying for a term fee. This trial class is not available at school based clubs.

We regret we cannot give term refunds of any kind after the term has started. 

Holiday School Refunds

Refunds can be given up to two weeks before the holiday school is due to start subject to a £5 refund charge.

Holiday School refunds cannot be given in the two week period before the start of the Holiday School.

We cannot give refunds should students become ill or injured either at the Drama class or outwith it during term-time or holiday clubs.

Class Cancellation

Should we have to cancel a class due to teacher illness or unavailability that class will be credited or refunded to the students.

Classes may also be cancelled due to venue closures (at times such as bad weather conditions, school closures for any reason).

The Drama Studio has no control over venue/school closures and has a commitment to pay all Tutors and Admin Staff who are booked, available and able to work.

We cannot therefore instantly give credits for these types of cancellations.

However after 2 consecutive sessions of disruption we will apply the refund/credit policy from that point on.