Drama Literacy 2024-2025

What's Being Added To Drama Literacy In 2024-2025

The Drama Literacy Programme is constantly being updated and added to and we thank everyone who has contributed to ideas for new lessons.

In addition to new material we have also moved some content between Modules in response to suggestions.

Below is a screenshot of what will now be additionally offered in each of the Modules for 2024-2025.

Module 1

This Module continues to be the starter Module and lessons are easily achievable for most students and teachers.

We recommend that anyone new to the resource starts here to become familiar with the format.

Additions to Module 1 for the coming session will be as follows:


 The Box - Time For Mime Video

Some teachers have found Mime to be an excellent class activity for a number of reasons including helping with focus and confidence.

Removal of spoken language helps shy children to express themselves more easily when starting with Drama.

For boisterous and overly loud children Mime helps to redirect their focus.

We have therefore included Time For Mime, suitable for all classes as the video presents two levels of challenge.

mime the box pic

Eves Christmas Screenshot

Module 2

Much of the Module 2 content has been based on ideas from teachers in line with their class topics.

Additions to Module 2 for the coming session will be as follows:

Spelling Games has been moved into Module 2 as teachers have felt these would be a good addition to the rest of the content here.

Spelling Games Thumbnails


Drama and Poetry

Interpreting A Poem Through Drama

Seaweed Men Screenshot

Video and Documentation



Writing A Poem

The students now write their own poem using Drama as a stimulus.

Poetry Screenshot

Video and Lesson Documentation

Module 3

In Module 3 the lessons are generally more challenging and we have found that class teachers who are consistently using the resource are now confident with the format.

Many of them are keen to deliver lessons for themselves which is great news and exactly matches an aim of the whole programme. 

We have therefore included a section on Drama Literacy Lesson Plans for teachers to present to their classes. These lessons will give them ideas for class topics and for creative lessons and how to deliver them in a fun and interactive way.

This is a very substantial addition to our Drama Literacy Resource worth around £200 if buying separately online.

We are very willing to create lesson plans for teachers using Drama Literacy so just let us know what you are looking for.

Module 3 Lesson Additions 1

Module 3 Lesson Additions 2

Video Tutorials For Teachers

Over the past couple of years as the resource has been building we have been asked questions on various aspects of it and received feedback on what is working well for teachers.

We intend to create a series of videos to share these discussions. Video titles will include :

1. Sharing Drama - Children generally love to do this - it's a massive hook within a learning context.

2. Sharing Children's Work - The opportunity to do this adds huge value to individual pieces of work and drives confidence and motivation for Literacy tasks. 

3. Consistency - Teachers reporting the most successes are using the resource video consistently rather than as a dip in every now and then.

4. Curriculum For Excellence - How Drama Literacy links to and impacts the CFE.

Again we are happy to create tutorials for teachers according to suggestions.


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