Drama Student Feedback

"The Drama Studio has taught me so much. Through guided improvisation, stimulus work and movement/dance I've been able to unleash my creativity whilst allowing it to make some interesting dramas. The challenge of never playing the same character in 15 or so years requires creativity which I've learnt all through The Drama Studio. I thank everyone for helping me discover my love of Drama and I 100% credit my time at The Drama Studio for that."

Gregor Weir age 17 

"The Drama Studio has let me be creative and imaginative since we work together to come up with a theatre show. The script, scenes and props are all thought up by us and it is so much fun being able to perform a completely original piece. On top of that we also make short films which allows us to explore another side of acting. This too is completely original and creative and we edit our own films which has really opened up room for creativity. My time at Drama Studio has been unforgettable. I have made some amazing memories here which I will treasure. Thank you so much for all the laughs we have had, it has truly been wonderful."

Sofia Della Sala age 17 

"Without a doubt my time at The Drama Studio has improved my creativity and confidence. Everyone I have worked with is a little bit crazy in their own special way so when we pool our ideas the result is always extremely imaginative. We have the opportunities to create, act in, direct and edit our own films in groups which is very much an independent creative process and we get to create our own shows rather than following a script. These activities definitely increase abilities to think creatively as well as the games every week which allow you to think on your feet coming up with new characters and scenes."

Anna Bird age 17 

"I first attended The Drama Studio aged 4 years. 15 years later I am volunteering and can see myself doing so for the foreseeable future. The Drama Studio helped my confidence levels grow and my personality and creativity develop. I first attended and was very shy. I made strong friendships from the first classes that are still going strong. The staff have all had a great understanding and patience of the many different children who attend classes and the correct level of support and freedom is given to individuals in order for them to flourish."

Caitlyn McFarlane age 19 

"I wish this was the way I got to learn every day. I feel it is okay to be me and no one expects me to be like the others and this makes me the happiest I can be in my world!" 

Elisha Nisbet Age 9 

"If you were giving it stars, I would give it five stars!"

Matthew Wilson Age 9 on The Drama Studio Summer School.