The Drama Studio Awards Ceremony 2012




The Drama Studio Film Awards Ceremony took place on Thursday 14th June at The Minto Hotel and was absolutely fantastic.

Students from our 4 Teenage Groups gathered to find out who were the Winners of the various filming categories, having worked in their groups to create their own original comedy films. The students themselves voted for their favourites and clips of film were shown from the top three nominees in each category.

After a cocktail reception, Dorothy Johnstone from The National Operatic and Dramatic Association presented the Awards.


    That's My Girl

     Fine Dining

   The Corridors

      Elle Smart

 Alexander Cowan

  Kirsty McAdam

     Charlie West

    Struan Scobbie

  Sam with Roger


  Best Director Ihsan Kerr

The full results were as follows:

The Most Creative And Original Film

Top 3 Nominees - Fine Dining, The Corridors and That's My Girl

 WINNER - That's My Girl

The Best Comic Moment

Top 3 Nominees - That's My Girl, Fine Dining and The FUNeral

 WINNER - Fine Dining

The Best Film Overall

Top 3 Nominees  - The Corridors, Fine Dining and Family Misfortunes

 WINNER - The Corridors

Best Junior Girl Actor

Top 3 Nominees - Susannah Law (Ethel's Tearoom), Elle Smart (Family Misfortunes), Catriona Hand (Fine Dining)

 WINNER - Elle Smart

Best Junior Boy Actor

Top 3 Nominees - Neil Drew (It Had To Be Roger), Alexander Cowan (The FUNeral), Lewis Williamson (Stars In The Making)

 WINNER - Alexander Cowan

Best Senior Girl Actor

Top 3 Nominees - Kirsty McAdam (The Corridors) Louise Piatowski (The Wedding), Jessica Polson (Fine Dining) 

 WINNER - Kirsty McAdam

Best Senior Boy Actor

Top 3 Nominees - Charlie West (The FUNeral), Ihsan Kerr (Fine Dining), Michael Shaw (The Corridors)

 WINNER - Charlie West

Star Performer

Top 3 Nominees - Rory Barraclough (That's My Girl), Ihsan Kerr (Fine Dining), Struan Scobbie (The Corridors)

 WINNER - Struan Scobbie

Best Use of Prop, Costume or Special Effect

Top 4 Nominees - Hairdryer Effect ( Stars In The Making), Roger (It Had To Be Roger), The Lovely Boy Models (Models Are Us), Ethel's Scones (Ethel's Tearoom)

  WINNER - Roger

Best Director

Top 3 Nominees - Kiera Dobbie (The Wedding ), Ihsan Kerr (Fine Dining), Aimee McLaren (The FUNeral)

 WINNER - Ihsan Kerr