Drama Studio Awards Ceremony 2016

 Top Nominated Film Footage 



Our Film Awards Ceremony 2016 was held on 8th June at The Hilton Grosvenor Hotel. The Theme this year was Crime Fiction with an emphasis on Plot Twist. The standard of the films was very high. Our special guest was Crime Fiction writer Ian Rankin who presented the Awards and was in much demand for photoshoots and book signing!

The Best Edit was judged by former DS student Andrew Girvan who has returned to Edinburgh as Head Of Operations For the Fringe Ticket Office after several years in London's West End.


The Nominations And Winners

Most Creative Junior Film

The top 3 nominees

 “Before I Go”, “Unknown” and “The Bad Crowd”

WINNER  “Unknown” Bruntsfield


Ian Rankin With Junior Creative Winners.jpg 

Most Creative Senior Film

The top 3 nominees

 “The Missing Variables”,  “The Grey Revolution” and “Stop In The Name Of The Law”

WINNER “Stop In The Name Of The Law” Wardie

Ian Rankin With Senior Creative Winners 

Best Junior Film 

The top 3 nominees

 “ Scarred”, “Before I Go” and “Unknown”.

WINNER  “Scarred” - Wardie

Ian Rankin With Best Junior Film Winners.JPG 

Best Senior Film

“The top 3 nominees

 “Stop In The Name Of The Law”, “The Grey Revolution” and “insanity”

WINNER  “Insanity’ - Wardie

 Ian Rankin With Best Senior Film Winners

Best Junior Plot Twist

The top 3 nominees  

“Little Miss Rebel” – it was all a film, “Before I Go” – He wasn’t dying and, “Scarred” – the hitman had killed his parents.

WINNER  “Before I Go” - Fairmilehead

 Ian Rankin With Best Junior Film Twist Winners

Best Senior Plot Twist

 The top 3 nominees

 “The Missing Variables” – the sister set up the kidnapping, “Crumpleton Abbey” – The daughter killed her father and “Stop In The Name Of The Law” – The vicar was in on it.

WINNER  “The Missing Variables” - Bruntsfield

Ian Rankin With Best Senior Plot Twist Winners.jpg 

Best Junior Female

 The top 3 nominees

 Lois Ambrose – “Before I Go”, Sophie Capon – “Little Miss Rebel” and Megan Ritchie – “Unknown”

WINNER “Megan Ritchie” - Bruntsfield

 Ian Rankin With Best Junior Female Winner

Best Junior Male

 The top 3 nominees

Niall Gilchrist – “Scarred”, David Carnie – “Crime Crossroads” and Jude Liddell – “Unknown”

WINNER "Niall Gilchrist” - Wardie

Ian Rankin With Best Junior Male Winner 

Best Senior Female

The top 3 nominees  

Maia Hollins-Kirk – “Crumpleton Abbey”, Alice Gilmore – “The Missing Variables” and Rachel Dobbie – “Stop In The Name Of The Law”.

WINNER  “Rachel Dobbie” - Wardie

Ian Rankin With Best Senior Female Winner 
 Best Senior Male

The top 3 nominees

Gregor Weir – “The Grey Revolution”, Charlie West – “Stop In The Name Of The Law” and  Matthew Duncan – “Crumpleton Abbey”

 WINNER  “Charlie West” - Wardie

Ian Rankin With Best Senior Male Winner 
Best Edit 

The top 3 nominees

Amy Haddow  - “Scarred”, Gregor Weir – “The Grey Revolution” and “Evelyn Currie – “Insanity”

WINNER  “Evelyn Currie” - Wardie

Ian Rankin and Andrew Girvan With Best  Edit 

Best Director

The top 3 nominees  

Olivia Smith  for “Crumpleton Abbey” , Sofia Della Sala for “The Grey Revolution” and Megan Hogg for “Missing”.

WINNER  “Olivia Smith” - Fairmilehead

Ian Rankin With Best Director 


Our very special thanks to Margot Miller and Alison Taylor for the photographs and also to Sharon Wilkes our guest character as Clair Voyant in the Teacher's Cluedo Summing Up Performance.

 Photos From Drama Studio Teacher's Cluedo

 Drama Teachers Intro To Sketch  Fortune Teller Arrives  Miss Scarlet Looks Guilty

  Mrs Peacock Makes Up A Story  Professor Plum Looks Suspicious  Reverend Green Is Far From Holy