One-To-One Sessions

The Drama Studio can provide One-To -One Sessions for students as follows:


Senior Students Interviewing For College/University

The dreaded interview can be a real problem for many students applying for further education opportunities and it's important they give it their best shot. Most of our Drama students while having great presentation skills, can still find it daunting to actually put themselves forward in a personal way.

Our One-To-One sessions take them through how they are presenting now, breaking down things like body language, eye contact, use of humour etc to engage an Interviewer and to take a pro-active stance within the Interview itself.

Being pro-active for an interview gives students a feeling of being prepared and in control.


Students With Behavioural Challenges

Drama Technique proves again and again over a period of time to be very beneficial for students who have difficulty fitting in, listening to others, behaving appropriately etc

One-To One sessions can facilitate behavioural change sooner and can give parents and family members simple exercises to support the child in modifying behaviour.

Each child's specific issues will determine the One-To-One content. It will be creative and engaging while at the same time embedding defined rules, codes of behaviour and ultimately giving the child a sense of achievement when adopting a positive approach. 

Help with children who have behavioural difficulties while they are still young can be money very well spent.


Casting Interviews

Many of our students are interested in Casting and indeed over the years we have seen them on TV, Radio and Film. Raw talent is often not enough to secure a casting success. Skilled Casting Directors can draw it out but this does not always happen and it's not uncommon for students to get overcome with nerves.


Literacy Attainment

Our recent work in Primary Schools has been very successful using Drama Techniques to improve Literacy Attainment. We also offer practical One-To -One/Family Sessions for children who would benefit from some help in this area. Practical exercises such as simple, fun spelling games, word games, humourous reading tasks and writing challenges can motivate children. All your child will need is a willing sibling/other family member to play the games and join in the fun!

A One-To -One Casting session takes the student through the likely process of an audition (although audition formats do vary).

The session will include interview techniques and script read throughs, taking direction within a character part and how to create an impression in a natural way.



Session Fees For One-To-One's

 Fees are typically  £25+VAT  30-40 mins           £50+VAT  1 - 1.5 Hours

(A £5 travel fee is added if you prefer the session to take place at your home rather than at our location).

To organise a session please email