Over To You Teaching Previews

Your students watch the video and are drawn into a gripping storyline with teachers Julie and Louise.

After a short section the students are given a follow-up Over To You Activity which is a practical, reading or writing task. Teachers have full supporting documentation to help them to organise the follow-up.

"We are LOVING IT! Usually children spend so long trying to come up with something to write that there’s no time to actually teach in depth! I just can’t rate the lessons highly enough." Natalie Marnie with P6

“The video is straightforward with great presentation factor and the children were totally engaged." Donna O'Neill with P7

"For the teacher the format was simple to pick up and nice to have the teaching input. You put it on, explain the follow up and it becomes from there self- guiding." Katrina McIntosh with P4

"Your explanations of what to do are clear and the class are ready to get on with it when you say and now, it’s over to you." Audrey McLeod with P5

"It has created a wonderful scaffolding for writing (which ties in with Pie Corbett’s talk for writing perfectly)."Eilidh Mears with P7

"They were immersed and totally hooked into it." Donna O'Neill with P7

"The time length between activities is very good- the children anticipate the Over To You! Fantastic resource from a Literacy point of view." Amanda Carmichael with P5

“I can’t wait to re-inact the story through my writing. I am already thinking of twists to the story." Student

"I loved how we could do drama online.” Student

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