Run Your Own Drama School

Are you an ambitious Teacher who would like to set up your own Drama School, having the freedom of working for yourself and the many rewards that it can bring?

Perhaps you have thought about doing something like this but just lacked the confidence to take the plunge. 

 Ask yourself this - what is holding me back? 

I actually know very few people who have taken the leap and returned to the previous job. When this happens there is usually a very good reason for it.

Either the person just doesn't have the capability and drive to make it happen or jumps into the deep end with very little preparation and attention to the key areas that you need to put in place to succeed.

People can try to move too fast, becoming overwhelmed and really struggle.

Motivated, creative people that take informed and well researched steps to build their Drama School business rarely fail.

If you are this kind of person then The Drama Studio can help you with your journey from where you are now with your ideas and turn them into a new "reality" which will change your working life forever.

Our proven template can be your bedrock for success. In our 27th year now, The Drama Studio started out back in 1993 when there were very few Drama Schools in Edinburgh compared to the landscape today.

Our model remains one of the most successful around and teachers who have worked with us have gone on to open their own Drama Schools with confidence and know-how that they have learned from their time with us.

We are still here for advice should they need it.

Learn early on the common mistakes made in the set-up process including THE number 1 biggest mistake which new Drama Schools very often make. 

You have the opportunity of using The Drama Studio model to ensure a quick lift-off with all the experience, advice and set-up procedures that we have to offer.

Please note that we are not a franchise. You will fully own your business, choosing your own name for your school and we will not take ongoing fees from you.

We offer two levels of support for you:

1. You can access information about Drama Studio Packages from which you choose a specific area of expertise that you need help with.

2. You choose to receive in depth Training and Support from us on every aspect of setting up your school from the all important Content Training at the heart of your school to the ongoing Marketing and Administrative aspects essential to your business machinery.

What You Will Need

Before contacting us please be satisfied within yourself that you do meet the following requirements:

You or a Business Partner MUST have experience working with children in a formal setting such as a school, club. Ideally you are currently working with children and Certified by Child Protection. 

You must be a person who can commit to putting in the necessary time and work to setting up your school. You need to learn all aspects of the business first hand and this involves your full on focus.

You will take part fully in the training modules.

You are prepared to make a monetary investment in yourself. Your investment will be recovered by you in a relatively short time.

To find out more details about our Drama School Set-Up Service please complete the Enquiry Form below or e-mail 

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