Run Your Own Drama School

"We got in touch with Drama Studio a few months after we had started running after school groups in post-lockdown. We were new to running a small business and although we had our own philosophy, we were finding it hard to deliver this in terms of a coherent programme. Through an internet search we came across DS. After introductory emails we held a FaceTime meeting which led to us enthusiastically agreeing to sign up with DS to receive targeted guidance and support. We really appreciated the fact that we were able to have a custom made programme based on our needs. DS created a web-page for us containing lesson samples, video demonstrations, all based on the age groups and contexts that were relevant to us.  DS offers a way of working that places the child at the very centre of the learning and  the lesson materials very clearly demonstrate how to tap into the richest resource, children themselves. As an experienced Drama teacher with decades of experience I found it required me to put my own practice aside and learn a different approach. Having said that, Julie was always available to respond to any questions, doubts and anxieties I might have, often providing further ideas and strategies for all aspects of our business. When we moved into schools and holiday clubs we were also able to benefit from advice on how to market ourselves and create a programme that would address the needs of the institution/context. 

The formal support we received from DS lasted over a number of months. We continue regard DS as our mentors, their model as ours. However, we now have the confidence to create our own material on a regular basis, at times returning to our DS webpage and consulting it as part of our planning. We now have our own style which would set us apart from DS but we have been able to do this as a result of all the support, training and encouragement we have received. We have also found that once the formalised of our contract was over, Julie and Louise continue to go over and beyond the service we paid for, offering unstinting support and encouragement. We have been inspired by their dedicated child-centred approach, their insight and especially their good humour. 

Thank you Julie and Louise.


Kevin Ross - Drama Karma- Somerset

"I 100% echo Kevin’s sentiments! It’s been invaluable for me on a personal level. I don’t have any teacher training or drama training (apart from the love of it), and this has given me so much more confidence.  I can’t tell you how much we appreciate the support and all the amazing material that you have given us. It’s just brilliant!
It really has been great. A bit of a life changer for me, all this, so can’t thank you enough." Chloe George - Drama Karma - Somerset


"After leaving The Drama Studio I set up my own company, The Drama Mill, in East Lothian. Over the past 12 years we have grown from 30 young people to teaching over 450 young people on a weekly basis. I would not have been able to do this as quickly and confidently had I not had the support and experience of working for Julie at The Drama Studio. I worked as a freelance drama facilitator at The Drama Studio for 10 years. When I first started, I had very little drama teaching experience, however, Julie took me under her wing and let me shadow The Drama Studio classes. Both Julie and Louise became my mentors and I gained invaluable experience working as part of their team. Under their mentorship, I gained experience in many aspects of facilitating drama, from the delivery and planning of classes, parties, holiday camps to understanding the methodologies that underpin a coherent and successful drama school. Their particular use of in-role teaching for younger years has become a staple within my own school and has contributed to its growth and success. I cannot recommend Julie enough as her wealth and knowledge of running a successful drama school is second to none, but also the support and guidance she will provide along the way will help anyone who is looking to start their own business. " Linda Kearsley- Ross The Drama Mill - East Lothian


"As always Julie, a massive thank you!! I really don't know what I would do without you! Yes please to the pack, that should really help to guide me in the right direction. Thanks again. I'm so glad I found you all those years ago" Rachel Miller - Greasepaint Academy



What We Can Do To Help You

Are you an ambitious Teacher who would like to set up your own Drama School, having the freedom of working for yourself and the many rewards that it can bring?

Perhaps you have thought about doing something like this but just lacked the confidence to take the plunge. 

 Ask yourself this - what is holding me back? 

I actually know very few people who have taken the leap and returned to the previous job. When this happens there is usually a very good reason for it.

Either the person just doesn't have the capability and drive to make it happen or jumps into the deep end with very little preparation and attention to the key areas that you need to put in place to succeed.

People can try to move too fast, becoming overwhelmed and really struggle.

Motivated, creative people that take informed and well researched steps to build their Drama School business rarely fail.

If you are this kind of person then The Drama Studio can help you with your journey from where you are now with your ideas and turn them into a new "reality" which will change your working life forever.

Our proven template can be your bedrock for success. In our 27th year now, The Drama Studio started out back in 1993 when there were very few Drama Schools in Edinburgh compared to the landscape today.

Our model remains one of the most successful around and teachers who have worked with us have gone on to open their own Drama Schools with confidence and know-how that they have learned from their time with us.

We are still here for advice should they need it.

Learn early on the common mistakes made in the set-up process including THE number 1 biggest mistake which new Drama Schools very often make. 

You have the opportunity of using The Drama Studio model to ensure a quick lift-off with all the experience, advice and set-up procedures that we have to offer.

Please note that we are not a franchise. You will fully own your business, choosing your own name for your school and we will not take ongoing fees from you.

We offer two levels of support for you:

1. You can access information about Drama Studio Packages from which you choose a specific area of expertise that you need help with.

2. You choose to receive in depth Training and Support from us on every aspect of setting up your school from the all important Content Training at the heart of your school to the ongoing Marketing and Administrative aspects essential to your business machinery.

What You Will Need

Before contacting us please be satisfied within yourself that you do meet the following requirements:

You or a Business Partner MUST have experience working with children in a formal setting such as a school, club. Ideally you are currently working with children and Certified by Child Protection. 

You must be a person who can commit to putting in the necessary time and work to setting up your school. You need to learn all aspects of the business first hand and this involves your full on focus.

You will take part fully in the training modules.

You are prepared to make a monetary investment in yourself. Your investment will be recovered by you in a relatively short time.

To find out more details about our Drama School Set-Up Service please complete the Enquiry Form below or e-mail 

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