School & Club Workshops

We can visit your school to work alongside teachers to help with Drama lessons. 

Initial start-up lessons can be delivered to introduce project or as a series of lessons perhaps towards a presentation.

Content can be from one of our Drama Studio Lessons of your choice or we can prepare tailor-made material.

You will be given the Lesson Plans used and follow-ups as part of the service.

The Drama Studio can set up very popular Drama Clubs within your school offering high quality lessons meeting every outcome of The Curriculum For Excellence.


The Drama Studio currently teaches in schools alongside class teachers or runs After School Drama Clubs in Canal View Primary, Roseburn Primary and Nursery, Flora Stevenson's Primary, Trinity Primary, Juniper Green Primary, Bonaly Primary, Nether Currie Primary and in innovative nurseries where children are at the most receptive age.

The Drama Studio has very successfully completed a series of staff training sessions with  Cameron House and Greengables Nursery


What do Teachers and Parents think about Drama Studio Lessons and Training?


I Am MacIain Play  (link to Jacobites) - Quotes from E-mail communication with Colin Hunter, Bellsquarry Primary School Oct 2012 through to their performance 2013.

"The pupils were so excited when I mentioned a Jacobites school assembly performance and a possible show to parents.  They were even more thrilled when I showed them the clip from your website as they all wanted to dress up there and then.  It has really inspired them to write their Glencoe Massacre eyewitness account".

"Hi Julie,
Wow!  Your script has really got the pupils engaged and enthralled.  They have been learning their lines and we've been having rehearsals over the last few days.  Even during the Christmas holidays, the children were practising with their scene partners and all they want to do is act.  Some have even created animations based on the Glencoe massacre.  They certainly have caught the drama bug thanks to your script."

"I've been given an assembly date for 'I am MacIain'.  It's on Friday 25th  January and it's now going to be a whole school assembly, plus parents, plus local residents, plus members of the Parent Council Association.  It's just  grown arms and legs and the pupils are so excited about performing.  It's  amazing the buzz going around the P6 class and the interest being generated  at the school gates. Therefore, I was wondering if you still have all the outfits and equipment  for hire?  If you have, that's great."




Roslin School Evaluation comments on The Book Week:

"Brilliant lesson-both myself and the pupils clearly loved it!"

"Varied age and abilities but made it accessible for all of them". (Nursery Age)

"It helps to embed things into their minds. Always amazing to see how much information the children have absorbed."


"Hi Julie
Wanted to let you know that our "Funky Bugz" show was a GREAT success.  The teachers, children and parents absolutely loved it.  It ended up having its own South African flavour with lots of fun music!  Thank you for the script which got the creative juices flowing :-)  I learned about the value of drama for children and we'll certainly be trying to use it more in our weekly routines.
I wanted to already check if you had any other scripts for young children for our concert next year...need to begin mulling over a few ideas early in the year.
Thank you again for all your help.  It has been most valuable! " Tracy Radmeyer, Somerset Cape, Western Cape, South Africa


Teachers on The Lesson Plans  

"Your lesson plans are amazing! I'm delighted I came across your website. It's difficult to come up with lesson plan after lesson plan every week so your material will add new life to my speech and drama classes." Kelly

"A huge thankyou for all your help and advice over the past few weeks - you have been amazing!" Rachel Finnie - Greasepaint Academy

"Treasure island was a great success. We had 1 Director, 1 stage Assistant, 2 props and 17 players!" Joanne Grech

"Great scheme of work." Terry Ward (The Great Fire of London)


Teachers and Parents on our Lessons

"You created a situation and environment where all the children were part of a joint project. They all got involved in creating something together, over a sustained period of time, each being encouraged to make their own unique contribution." Kate Tregaskis (Parent)

"Drama lessons in the nursery have helped our children to develop confidence,  self-esteem and a sense of security. The sessions are stimulating and fun. I would thoroughly recommend these lessons to pre-school providers." (Irene Clayton - James Gillespie's)


Teachers on Our Teacher Training Programmes

"So much content was covered in each session - very thorough planning to give us the best opportunities possible in the time available and just right for the children. Very good value both professionally and financially." Chris McCormack Head Teacher

"She put staff at ease using these ideas and building our confidence. I now feel more able to plan a session after watching such a skilled professional et work. A truly talented Drama specialist who had the children and adults gripped" (Teacher, Cameron House)



Ex- Student's Evaluations

Read our ex-students testimonials here :

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