Perseus and The Medusa


Perseus and The Medusa- A series of lessons with links to Literacy Age 8-11 years.

1) The Oracle -The Birth of Perseus and a challenge is set him- Configuration Mime, setting the scene, characterisation in story circle.

2) Athena gives Perseus the shield and Hermes presents the winged sandals and sickle (sword) – Improvisation, shoe –shop. Mirror effect – whole class synchronized movement.

3) The Grey Sisters tell Perseus where the Stygian Nymphs with one eye live. They give Perseus the Invisibilty helmet and a bag for the head – Improvisation and Character

4) At The Medusa’s cave – Configuration, Improvisation

5) With Atlas and saving Andromeda from Dragon– Improvisation, movement

6) The Olympic Games and King Polydectes Is Turned To stone- Movement and Improvisation.


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