Farming and Local Development Age 8-12 DOWNLOADABLE


Farming and Local Development 

Community type drama for Upper Primary  building up into a tense drama content based on a local development and it's effect on the community. 

There are two parts to this Topic offering a fair mileage for your topic.


1. Farming Jobs – Creating Characters - Mime

2. Other People Involved In Farm Life - Discussion

3. Setting up The Farming Community – Using Improtate Game

4. Family Life Scene – Extension of Improtate

5. Deepening The Characterisation  – Hot seating

6. Community Tableaux and Thought Tapping                                                                                 


7. Developers Meeting- Role-play and Presentation

8. Reactions From The Farmers – Discussions, Improvisation and Presenting

9. Critical Meeting

10. New Reactions – Discussion, summarising events

11. Final Meeting - Presentations



Diaries, Character Descriptions, Writing down points to put forward for argument, expressing feelings through writing, Reading an important letter, Newspaper reports on Farmyard Fiasco. 

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