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These lessons are perfect for a project about the 1960's and will greatly help with teacher planning.


This lesson is about the Apollo 11 Moonlanding. The opening activities are movement and mime - based and draw on the student's knowledge of the topic. Students will "make that journey" and experience the tension of the difficult landing.

Key skills for this lesson are movement and mime, configuration,slow-motion, improvisation and presentation, voice-overs. The tension of the piece will encourage confident reactions from the students and the dramatisation will consolidate class work and Successful Learning.

Fashion and Music

This lesson explores the fashions and styles of the 1960's catwalks. The student's knowledge of the musicians and music of the period will also be tested and they will consider the musician's lives privately and publicly.

Key skills are presentation skills, mime, group work, improvisation and interviewing.

Segregation-The Rosa Parks Incident

We recommend that students know the story of Rosa Parks in advance of doing this lesson which will really place them in her shoes.

This is a powerful lesson aimed at Upper primary and Secondary students and it is excellent for further development in terms of discussion and reflection.

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