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Victorians - Children at Work - 5 different activities for expansion of your Topic

This lesson studies Children in working roles during Victorian times.

Using knowledge from class work the students will present typical work places of the period an enact tense and often brutal scenes within them.

They will gain a deeper insight into the dangers facing the children specific to certain jobs and develop scenarios which highlight these dangers. Students will experience the feelings of these young people perhaps even younger than themselves, the  hardships they faced and consider the contrast with today's society.

Key drama skills in this lesson are tableau, hot seating, thought tracking, improvisation and role-play. It is intended that the students will appreciate as Responsible Citizens that never again can we tolerate a world that is unfair on children and that it is our duty to protect them. 

Curriculum For Excellence

I can create, adapt and sustain different roles, experimenting with movement, expression and voice and using theatre arts technology.

EXA 2-12a

Inspired by a range of stimuli, I can express and communicate my ideas, thoughts and feelings through drama.

EXA 0-13a / EXA 1-13a / EXA 2-13a

I can respond to the experience of drama by discussing my thoughts and feelings. I can give and accept constructive comment on my own and others’ work.

EXA 0-15a / EXA 1-15a / EXA 2-15a / EXA 3-15a

I have created and presented scripted or improvised drama, beginning to take account of audience and atmosphere.

EXA 2-14a

I can discuss why people and events from a particular time in the past were important, placing them within a historical sequence.

SOC 2-06a

To help me develop an informed view, I am learning about the techniques used to influence opinion and how to assess the value of my sources, and I can recognise persuasion.

LIT 3-08a

Having explored and analysed the features of spoken language, I can use these, adopting an appropriate register to suit my purpose and audience.

ENG 3-03a

When I engage with others I can make a relevant contribution, ensure that everyone has an opportunity to contribute and encourage them to take account of others’ points of view or alternative solutions.

I can respond in ways appropriate to my role, exploring and expanding on contributions to reflect on, clarify or adapt thinking.

LIT 4-02a



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