Mario's Pizza Place - Equivalent Fractions- Age 8-10 DOWNLOADABLE


In this lesson the students will learn in a practical and fun way about equivalent fractions.

The setting is Mario's Pizza Place.

As customers come into the restaurant Mario and the staff have to be able to divide up their huge pizzas into equal parts according to what the customers require.

Through the improvisation they will be able to understand how items can be divided up into equal segment amounts to give exactly the same fraction.

They will then go on to learn how to present a fraction in it's simplest form.


Curriculum For Excellence

Depending on the age and ability of students you might be working only at 1-07c but the lesson can be taken on to the next level.

Through taking part in practical activities including use of pictorial representations, I can demonstrate my understanding of simple fractions which are equivalent.

MTH 1-07c

I have investigated how a set of equivalent fractions can be created, understanding the meaning of simplest form, and can apply my knowledge to compare and order the most commonly used fractions.

MTH 2-07c

I can create, develop and sustain a realistic or stylised character through the use of voice, movement and language.

EXA 3-12a 

I can create a range of visual information through observing and recording from my experiences across the curriculum.

EXA 0-04a / EXA 1-04a

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