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A Scottish ghost story set in the 16th century tells a tale of Lady Jean Drummond of Newton Castle Blairgowrie who a after a family feud and a murder, finds that she cannot wed her love Lord Ronald Blair.

She turns to the Fairyfolk for help but their magic spell is in fact an evil betwitchment and Jean's wedding day becomes a tragedy.

Her lonely ghost is said to haunt both the Blair (Ardblair) and Drummond (Newton) castles every Hallowe'en.

11 Sections within the Lesson Plan

Practical activities include ghostly walks technique, hot seating, tableau, improvisation, paired activities, mime, ritual, soundscape, stage whispers and narration. Suitable for classroom setting and makes a great Assembly or Presentation piece.

Into Literacy is also included with this lesson pack whereby students have written tasks to do alongside the practical. Writing tasks are Writing from Character Viewpoint, Character Diary Entries, Letter Writing, Descroptive Emotional Piece, Account of an Unusual Event (Jean's wedding), Written Speech, Narration pieces to be used with a narrator. 

Direct Links to Music suggestions are listed throughout which really add atmosphere to the lessons!

Warm Up Game Instructions Included - Is There A Ghost Behind Me?

Curriculum For Excellence

I can create, develop and sustain a realistic or stylised character through the use of voice, movement and language.

EXA 3-12a

I can create, develop and sustain a realistic or stylised character through the use of voice, movement and language.

EXA 3-12a 

I can respond to the experience of drama by discussing my thoughts and feelings. I can give and accept constructive comment on my own and others’ work.

EXA 0-15a / EXA 1-15a / EXA 2-15a / EXA 3-15a

When I engage with others, I can make a relevant contribution, encourage others to contribute and acknowledge that they have the right to hold a different opinion.

I can respond in ways appropriate to my role and use contributions to reflect on, clarify or adapt thinking.

LIT 3-02a

Having explored and analysed the features of spoken language, I can use these, adopting an appropriate register to suit my purpose and audience.

ENG 3-03a

When listening and talking with others for different purposes, I can:

  • communicate information, ideas or opinions
  • explain processes, concepts or ideas
  • identify issues raised, summarise findings or draw conclusions.

LIT 3-09a

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