Water Aid - India Age 9-14 DOWNLOADABLE


This extended topic looks at India's water situation in the countryside and towns and what is being done to alleviate the problem and what ideas the students can offer to help.

They will be asked to compare life with that in the UK and learn about the Wash Club initiatives.

Skills - Tableaux, Improvisation, problem solving, meetings, discussion, documentary, improvisation, hot seating.


Curriculum For Excellence

I can respond to the experience of drama by discussing my thoughts and feelings. I can give and accept constructive comment on my own and others’ work.

EXA 0-15a / EXA 1-15a / EXA 2-15a / EXA 3-15a

I can create, develop and sustain a realistic or stylised character through the use of voice, movement and language.

EXA 3-12a 

Having developed ideas from a range of stimuli, I can contribute to devising, rehearsing and presenting drama or scripts.

EXA 3-14a

By comparing settlement and economic activity in two contrasting landscapes, I can reach conclusions about how landscapes influence human activity. I can explain my findings clearly to others.

SOC 3-13a

Having investigated processes which form and shape landscapes, I can explain their impact on selected landscapes in Scotland, Europe and beyond.

SOC 3-07a

I can make notes and organise them to develop my thinking, help retain and recall information, explore issues and create new texts, using my own words as appropriate.

LIT 3-15a / LIT 4-15a

By considering the type of text I am creating, I can independently select ideas and relevant information for different purposes, and organise essential information or ideas and any supporting detail in a logical order. I can use suitable vocabulary to communicate effectively with my audience.

LIT 3-26a / LIT 4-26a

I can engage and/or influence readers through my use of language, style and tone as appropriate to genre.

ENG 3-27a / ENG 4-27a

I can convey information and describe events, explain processes or concepts, providing substantiating evidence, and synthesise ideas or opinions in different ways.

LIT 4-28a

I can persuade, argue, evaluate, explore issues or express and justify opinions within a convincing line of thought, using relevant supporting detail and/or evidence.

LIT 4-29a

When I engage with others, I can make a relevant contribution, encourage others to contribute and acknowledge that they have the right to hold a different opinion.

I can respond in ways appropriate to my role and use contributions to reflect on, clarify or adapt thinking.

LIT 3-02a

Having explored and analysed the features of spoken language, I can use these independently, adopting and sustaining an appropriate register to suit my purpose and audience.

ENG 4-03a

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