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This Lesson series is based on George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl and can be done in a classroom setting.

There are 7 practical activities with Literacy tasks inserted throughout. The activities could be divided up into 3 lessons as follows:


1. Warm-Up -  Becoming Grandmas

2. Grandma and George - Making funny asides - Paired Activity

3. George Gets Scared of Grandma - Characterisation - Dialogue

Into Literacy - List Making In Pairs; Character Sketches; Scary Secrets; Presentations by torchlight!


4. Making A Medicine - Paired Activity - Improvisation - Creating new ideas

Into Literacy - Recipes, Drawing and Labelling

5. Parent Reactions - Small Group Improvisations Presenting Scenes


6. Creating Marvellous Medicines - Group Work - Inventing magical medicines, using rhymes, guessing medicine effects.

Into Literacy - Rhymes; Newsflashes

7. Antidotes - Group Work

Into Literacy - Diary Entries

We find that the writing quality is far superior after practical activity.

We recommend that you allow children to share their written work with a partner or to the class as this adds VALUE to their work.

We also recommend that you use music alongside activities and to back reading out of written work. A great free music website with our track suggestions is detailed in the lesson plans.

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