Little Red Training Video- Lower Primary Level 2


This resource is a Teaching Training Video featuring an experienced teacher with a P1 (age 5/6) class in a classroom setting using the little Red Riding Hood story developed across 3 lessons, which may in fact take in more sessions depending on your time.

The video is most suitable for teachers who already have some experience of Drama Teaching as it contains Teacher In Role Technique which teachers can find requires a certain confidence so we have graded it a Teaching Level 2.

The video shows detailed classroom practice with full Lesson plans detailing links to music used and very detailed video timeline. The Lesson plans also include Literacy follow-up ideas.

Little Red contains:

Full Training Video

Detailed Lesson Plans

Detailed Video Timeline

The Link to  the Little Red Interactive Teaching Video will be in the documentation emailed to you after purchase. You will be able to DOWNLOAD the teaching video to your computer.

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