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Romans For Age 6-8 - For younger children a simple lesson structure.

This lesson consolidates class work on Roman Towns, bringing your Romans topic to life!

Lesson details are as follows:

Chariots and Riders game.

Shape Making of Roman Town buildings.

Occupational mime of Roman jobs and mantle of the expert technique.

Market Place - Selling things at the busy market place and using soundscape ideas to call out the wares on sale.

Argument in the marketplace - creating a tense drama within the scene which is always great fun.

Into Writing suggestions for each section.

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Curriculum For Excellence

I use drama to explore real and imaginary situations, helping me to understand my world.

EXA 0-14a 

I have developed confidence and skills in creating and presenting drama which explores real and imaginary situations, using improvisation .

EXA 1-14a 
I have the freedom to choose and explore how I can use my voice, movement, and expression in role play and drama.

EXA 0-12a 

I enjoy creating, choosing and accepting roles, using movement, expression and voice.

EXA 1-12a 

I have explored how people lived in the past and have used imaginative play to show how their lives were different from my own and the people around me.

SOC 0-04a 

I can compare aspects of people’s daily lives in the past with my own by using historical evidence or the experience of recreating an historical setting.

SOC 1-04a 

 When I engage with others, I can respond in ways appropriate to my role, show that I value others’ contributions and use these to build on thinking.

LIT 2-02a

I can recognise how the features of spoken language can help in communication, and I can use what I learn.

I can recognise different features of my own and others’ spoken language.

ENG 2-03a

I can show my understanding of what I listen to or watch by responding to literal, inferential, evaluative and other types of questions, and by asking different kinds of questions of my own.

LIT 2-07a


To help me develop an informed view, I can distinguish fact from opinion, and I am learning to recognise when my sources try to influence me and how useful these are.

LIT 2-08a


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