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If you are looking to liven up class topics, motivate your students, improve Literacy, student confidence and enhance your student-teacher relationship then you have come to the right place.

Drama and Interactive Approaches will transform your teaching in a way that no other method will do and your students will love them. 

The Drama Section in The CforE displays the smallest amount of detail (along with Dance) of all the subject areas listed and yet it has the most potential as a vehicle to deliver other subject areas as well as being a powerfully motivating and engaging subject in itself. 

Experienced Drama Studio (est1993) teachers Julie and Louise teach Creative Drama in Primary schools, training class teachers to deliver the curriculum using exciting interactive techniques.

Over the last 3 years they have been engaged by Edinburgh Primary Schools to improve Literacy and Attainment. Throughout this time they have trained many teachers open to having a go, despite some initial reservations in their own confidence, and many of these teachers are now teaching to a very high standard achieving excellence in their student attainment. 

This approach has something for every teacher, whether you just want to test the water with a few Interactive classroom games to promote student confidence, modify behaviours and as a assessment method or if in fact you are an ambitious teacher wanting to really learn the approach through to a high level of delivery. See short video showing teacher reviews of the approach.


Teachers are often looking for guidance in what to actually do within a  Drama or Interactive Lesson. The Curriculum For Excellence, while setting out E's and O's and Benchmarks does not get into actual Teaching Practice - what the teachers will actually do so that even acquiring the most attractive looking planner for progression for example leaves many teachers feeling unclear of HOW to go about it.

Well you can start right here with these easy to follow lessons to get you started. 

Below are three Lesson plan examples for you to try with your class (Lower, Middle and Upper Primary School stages).

*Test Run these FREE lessons below - All Linked to the Scottish Curriculum For Excellence* 

Click Here For Journey To The Moon - Suitable for age 5-8

Click Here For Dragon School  - Suitable for age 7-10

Click Here For Haunted House - Suitable for age 8-12

Please download these to your system as content on this page changes frequently. Any questions please just ask, delighted to help you.

These are simple lessons for you to assess just how your class will respond to this type of activity. There are some tips for you in the presentation of this approach.

1. Try to appear to be confident in front of your class and grab their attention by quickly getting them into the task.

2. When you are explaining the story/technique make sure the children are sitting down while you do so and before setting them off on a task be sure to ask them if they understand what to do

3. Make sure the are all doing something (like moving around, talking together say with a partner) frequently throughout the lesson so that no-one is getting restless. 

4. Watch carefully their work and use praise to encourage them. Embed opportunities for them to show the others for example (as they develop confidence they will love this).

5. Build in controls to bring a noisy activity to a quiet - we're not fans of clappity-clap-clap type control methods. If you're playing music often just turning it off prompts a quiet or if the teacher makes a large gesture asking everyone to come snd sit down as if he/she has some great secret to tell them then this generally gets attention.


*Chances are you wouldn't be on this page if you were not genuinely interested in taking your teaching practice to a high level through these practical approaches.

In addition to the free lessons above we have a fantastic offer on (see below) throughout the lock down.

The offer content is selected for teachers who are fairly inexperienced in Interactive/Drama classroom teaching but who want to try it out in their classrooms.

Once teachers are comfortable with these story telling styles and simple technique approaches, they will be ready to move to the next stage of more advanced Teacher In Role Technique which is beyond a shadow of a doubt our most effective and teachers mastering it never look back - GUARANTEED!  


This offer includes:

1. 10 Great Interactive Classroom Games 

Video Link and Documentation (mixed age groups) - the video shows Louise with a class teaching them the games.

 Games 2

2. The Farm Lessons 

A series of 3 simple farm stories farm topic for Lower Primary. Age 5-7  

 Farmyard Cover

3. Giants

The funny story of Finn MacCoul - Age 7-11 - Storytelling, Improvisation, Character, Role-Play

johnny automatic Jack and the giant 300px 

 4. George's Marvellous Medicine 

Based on the famous Roald Dahl book - Paired work, characterisation, making rhymes, into writing and atmospheric presenting. Age 6-10


 5. Romulus and Remus Story Lesson

(Link To Romans) Playmaking, storytelling, Improvisation and Scripting - Help Screens included for sequencing Age 9-12

1425151043 300px 

 6. Park Bench Interactive Video 

A fantastic resource for you to use directly in your classroom Age 8-12 To see previews of the

Interactive Teaching Videos Click Here  

Watching Park Bench 

 7. Genre Hop - Genre Hop is a great lesson for improving reading and presenting in a fun (often hilarious) way. Simple texts are presented in an unusual genre. The lesson comes with 12 genre hop texts. Age 9-14

Can be played with younger children using Nursery Rhymes.

genre Hop Pic 

The lessons can inform your planning and content saving you loads of work in your own time. 

These are the lesson resources selected for this package and bought individually would cost £53.50.

They are on special offer here for only £20.

The files will all be downloadable on your confirmation email. If you have any questions for us please email We can tailor make this offer if required as you will see the many lessons we have available. 



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