All 3 Videos- AT HOME


Three videos for younger children to watch at home.

Experienced teacher Louise Arbuckle takes the children through a storyline that they can enact with siblings, favourite toys or a combination of both (ideal for children on their own at home).

Louise  also demonstrates how to make simple props to use within their stories. 

After purchase you will be emailed a link to the private page on The Drama Studio website where you will see the videos and other information such as links to music used and lists of what the children will need. (See screenshot of the page below).


The Adventures Of Frankie


Children are encouraged to send in pictures from their stories and they can be sent to us -

We have piloted this format to excellent feedback. 

Parent Feedback

Thank you so much for keeping the drama adventures going. You’re doing a great job at keeping everyone engaged and connected through drama!

A Little Door worked really well for Jamie, he spent ages on it.  Frankie’s Moon, he started it during the week and ended up stopping about half-way through, we’ve just watched the end of it together.  We will do Soup-er Hero over the weekend.

Thank you for the online resources - Anna has done two of them so far and really enjoyed them. She especially liked Frankie's Moon which developed into quite a different story involving a cheese shop and a king amongst other things!!

Violet has absolutely loved the online interactive stories and would be delighted if there were more. Please keep doing those! It’s really helpful to be able to have the stories available online to watch when they fit in our schedule (we’ve been trying for Monday afternoons, like usual). 


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