Stokelake House - ONLINE Drama Part 1


This Drama Lesson Series is the Online version of The Spirits of Stokelake House a spooky, mystery story suitable for age 10+.

Teachers will be given a step-by-step guide to using a platform like Zoom to deliver this storyline over a period of 5-6 weeks.

Then you can decide if you want to take the storyline on for yourself or continue with The Drama Studio storyline in Part 2.

Each Lesson is carefully set out based on a 1 hour lesson and a Timeframe guide for you to keep the session engaging for the students and keeping them active which is key to the success of the set-up.

The visual element of the Stokelake House Video captures the student's imaginations right away, setting the scene for ideas and creativity.

      Click on the video below to see how this works in practice. 


The set of Lessons covers 5 weeks of classes approx 1 hour in length.

On purchase you will receive access to.

1. The Stokelake Video taking the students through the story sections.

2. Detailed Lesson plans for each Session.

3. Good games video examples to play on the online application.

4. The Drama Studio's student video so that you can see how we built the lessons up into a film presentation which we will finally upload to a private vimeo link and the students will be able to download from there to keep and remember this time.

Students love the end of term shows so this is a way of giving them a presentation arena.

You can use this model to edit your own film. Alternatively there is no need to do edits. Most online apps have a recording feature and you can record your scenes and simply show the students these raw recordings to let them watch and give feedback.

You can use our model to edit your own film or simply show the students recordings of their scenes without editing. 

5. The opportunity to purchase the next 5 Lessons which complete the story if you should decide to stay with us or alternatively you can continue the story for yourselves.

This is a quality resource showing you exactly how to deliver great online Drama and to continue with your term-time classes to a high standard.

You can email us with questions so that we can support you further if you need help.


Each Lesson Plan is set out in detail.


£ 25.00

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