What The Hector? Age 14+ ONLINE


Suitable for teens aged 14+ this Murder Mystery works very well for a group of around 6-10 students and is best delivered by the teacher taking a lead character role.

On the accompanying video you will see experienced teacher Louise in role with the students who have all come as their character roles and dressed and with props to take part.

The setting is a pot-luck dinner party at the house of Tabitha and Hector Drinkwater (Teacher Louise uses her favourite toy/puppet as husband Hector which makes for instant humour).

All is going well when sadly Hector drops dead at the table - cyanide poisoning!

This Drama topic takes place over 5-6 weeks and along with the weekly instructions for each session, you will have access to the completed film that you can model your sessions on.

See below a sneak preview.

After purchase we will email you the access to the complete Lesson Plan Series which will be with you within two days.



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