Strange Disappearance of Penelope Plummer and Jeremy Stott - ONLINE


This mystery lesson series is suitable for age 11+ using an online platform such as Zoom. Your students will watch an introductory video clip which shows an amusing incident involving two painters and two people having lunch on their newly painted park bench - they are so preoccupied with each other they do not realise the bench is wet until it's time to get back to the office!

The introductory video material in itself can be used with your students but we used it as a starting point developed further when the two painted people (Penelope and Jeremy) do not return to their office that day and in fact have not been seen since.

The students will enjoy becomong the different characters that emerge and you can follow The Drama Studio's storyline as a template and also add in your student's ideas.

You will be given the weekly step by step progression of this storyline covering a period of 5-6 weeks. You will have access to the complete video version up to this point for reference and training.

Then you can decide if you want to take the storyline on for yourself or continue with The Drama Studio storyline in Part 2.

We will also guide you through the technical aspects of using the Zoom platform and how we incorporated recorded parts of the sessions so that the students will have a complete video to download at the end of the topic (replacing their usual and important end of term show!)

Sneak Preview of Possiblities with this story below

After purchase all the material you will need will be emailed across to you within 2-3 days.


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