Stokelake House Part 2 ONLINE


This is a follow-on to the first part of Stokelake and teachers may prefer to continue with their own versions from now on.

However we do have a great second section. If you want to come with us here is the detail!  

The friends have reached the Tower Room and are beginning to understand  that Stokelake has a very dark story to tell.

In the second part of this Drama series the students will be unravelling the story and hoping that they can actual break free from the house but can they?

Once again we will take you exactly through the method that we have used that has worked incredibly well with this age group (age around 10-11).

Ghostly encounters, a fast paced exit, grasping animated objects and just as the main door to the outside is within sight ......they see it!!

As before, lesson by lesson to continue this gripping storyline. 

The Ghosts Emerge

Ghosts Stokelake 1 Ghosts 3


Ghosts 2




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