Strange Disappearance of Penelope Plummer and Jeremy Stott 2 - ONLINE


This is a follow-on to the first part of The Strange Disappearance of Penelope Plummer and Jeremy Stott, covering around 4-5 weeks.

Teachers may prefer to continue with their own versions/ideas moving forward from now on, however we do have a great second section.

If you want to come with us here is the detail!  

Everyone is baffled as to the whereabouts of Penelope and Jeremy and none moreso than the Chief Inspector and his crew of Detectives.

The second part of this mystery story looks at the different characters involved in the lives of these two people and the students very much enjoy playing them. 

Teachers will have listened to ideas from the students and these, along with a few teacher "drop-in" pieces of information, will now progress the storyline and bring it to a most amusing close. 

You will be given weekly details as before with tips and guidance from us. You will have access to the complete video version for reference and training.

The Strange bikes Strange cell




Strange house





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