Force of Nature Video Series - Drama Literacy - AT HOME


Drama Literacy for Upper Primary students to do at home during blended learning or learning from home.

The Story

The children are introduced to the story via the characters involved. These are two sisters - Queen Forzana of High Force Waterfall who has taken over from and banished her older sister Sapphira to Lower Force to live in the Troglodyte caves. What has Sapphira done to deserve this?

The children are drawn into the storyline and to the activities embedded within the video making it a creative, interactive resource full of intrigue, inviting your students to add in their suggestions and ideas through drawings, writing, recording etc. 

We piloted this video series during the first lockdown and there was a high level of engagement from classes taking part.

Comments from teachers taking part:

"It has definitely been something that I have had consistent engagement with."

"The episodes are fab and the children are enjoying their own ideas being shared."

"Thanks for the next part. I loved it!

 "I definitely think this model has worked really well for home learning. The story is intriguing for everyone and the pupils have been motivated by seeing the story unfold and giving their own ideas."
"I think the videos have been really entertaining and funny for both the teachers and pupils. I think they’d work really well throughout the blended learning model as children can watch videos and respond at home or take part in related activities in the classroom!" 

The series comprises 5 videos and we recommend you send out 1/2 video/s per week to your students. The instructions for them are contained within each video but you can always add into these yourself.

The students then submit their work via the learning platform that you are using. 

You can then share work/contributions among class members so the children to see what each other's ideas are.

Below are extracts from the video Episodes showing student engagement with the resource which we have incorporated here for other teachers to see. Indeed you could really display the children's submissions very creatively if you wanted to.

After payment the video Episodes will be sent to your email within two days.

We have a trial offer on at the moment if you wish to trial the resource and then decide to use the other Episodes or use this first one as a starting point for you to develop yourselves.

Drop us an email to and we will send you a complimentary Episode 1. 



If you purchase all 5 Episodes now the links will be emailed to you within 24 hours.



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