Frankie On The Farm Age 5-7 DOWNLOADABLE



In this Episode Frankie has been asked to look after some farm animals. He is asked by the Farmer to feed the animals but it starts to rain so he takes the animals into the  different rooms in the farm house. The animals become busy in each of the rooms - watching TV, jumping on the beds, having a bath etc

When the farmer returns he is not at all happy with this arrangement!


Activities Embedded Within The Video

Listening to animal sounds and identifying which animal they belong to.

Drawing/writing about the animals.

Included is detailed Teacher's Notes with more ideas for follow-up tasks.


Learning Intentions- Students will learn to listen to sound effects and draw the animal that makes that sound. Students will listen for detail and record this as a story picture and/or written piece.

Success Criteria – The children can forward their work to the class teachers to show that they have completed the tasks.

* I have drawn the correct animal that matches the sound I heard. I can recall the details from a story I have heard and can show my finished picture. I created my own section of the picture *

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