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The - Story

This is an interactive film where children will be building up a story picture during the film.

In this Episode, the children meet Frankie the monkey puppet who has a story to tell them.

Frankie introduces the idea of “Pause” which asks the children to pause the video at various intervals so that they can add to their picture.

Frankie gives the children their activity instructions throughout the story.


This means that children can take as long as they need for each section.

The children need to listen carefully to each section of the story so they can get the correct information for the next part of their story picture.

 The story follows a repetitive pattern which will help the children with recall.

As Frankie introduces different characters to the story and the children add these to their picture.

He gives 4 details about each character.

He says their names, their ages, what they are wearing and what they are buying.

This gives the opportunity to challenge older children – how much of the detail can they incorporate into their picture?

Frankie doesn’t see the last shopper.

This allows the children to now create their own character.

 The repetition from earlier will mean that they can now apply the details to their own, brand new character.


Learning Intentions – Student swill learn how to listen out for detail and to recall information and record as a story picture and/or written piece.

Success Criteria – The children can forward their work to the class teacher to show that they have completed the tasks.

*I have listened to the story and I can recall the details and I can show my finished picture/written story. I can also create my own new character from the story *

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