Mr and Mrs Pig's Night Out Age 5-8 DOWNLOADABLE


This wonderful lesson takes place in the pigsty  where Mr and Mrs Pig need a piglet sitter so that they can attend The Farmyard Disco. An improvisation full of suspense and fun. Key skills and   are making phone-calls, problem-solving and making a plan. a thought-provoking ending looks at making the punishment fit the crime. Great fun Farmyard Capers !

Curriculum For Excellence

 I use drama to explore real and imaginary situations, helping me to understand my world.

EXA 0-14a 

I have developed confidence and skills in creating and presenting drama which explores real and imaginary situations, using improvisation .

EXA 1-14a 

I have the freedom to choose and explore how I can use my voice, movement, and expression in role play and drama.

EXA 0-12a 

I enjoy creating, choosing and accepting roles, using movement, expression and voice.


EXA 1-12a 

Key Skills - Improvisation, Mime and Movement, Problem-solving.

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