The Selfish Giant Single Lesson Age 5-9 -Seasons- DOWNLOADABLE


Suitable for age 5-9 years.

Loosely based on the famous story by Oscar Wilde, this beautiful Drama story uses mime, role-play, visualisation, turn-taking and reflection.

For younger children this lesson is very useful for a Seasons Topic.

We also have a fuller version of this story which could be turned into a play.

Curriculum For Excellence

I have developed confidence and skills in creating and presenting drama which explores real and imaginary situations, using improvisation and script.

EXA 1-14a  

I enjoy creating, choosing and accepting roles, using movement, expression and voice.

EXA 1-12a 

Inspired by a range of stimuli, I can express and communicate my ideas, thoughts and feelings through drama. 

EXA 0-13a / EXA 1-13a / EXA 2-13a 

I know that friendship, caring, sharing, fairness, equality and love are important in building positive relationships. As I develop and value relationships, I care and show respect for myself and others.

HWB 0-05a / HWB 1-05a / HWB 2-05a / HWB 3-05a / HWB 4-05a


I understand the importance of mental wellbeing and that this can be fostered and strengthened through personal coping skills and positive relationships. I know that it is not always possible to enjoy good mental health and that if this happens there is support available.

HWB 0-06a / HWB 1-06a / HWB 2-06a / HWB 3-06a / HWB 4-06a

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