Murder At The Mansion Age 9-14 DOWNLOADABLE


THIS LESSON COMES WITH FREE ALIBI CLASSROOM GAME in which students are given different crime scenarios (20 different scenarios and Into Literacy) and by questioning suspects and listening to responses a verdict is reached.

This is a great Murder Mystery for Upper Primary+ students to really get their teeth into.

Lady Witherspoon is found dead by her maid and a murder enquiry is underway. She was not popular and there are several suspects but whodunnit?

This lesson really captures the student's imaginations and the have great fun establishing motives, working with the characters and solving the mystery.

Key Practical Skills are : Groupwork, Reading Timeline, Hot Seating, Interviewing, Improvisation, In Role, Motives and Evidence, Problem Solving, Play Making.

Separate document is included for photocopy detailing the Murder Timeline of Events for the students to use. 

Into Literacy - Reports, Lady Witherspoon's Diary, Murder Mystery Story Writing, Scripting

Teaching Level - Easy/Intermediate

Teachers are encouraged to try Teacher In Role Technique for maximum effect in student engagement but for a teacher just starting out the option given is narrative technique.

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