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  COMPLIMENTARY LESSON - Teacher In Role OR Directive Teaching Technique

Try out our top teaching method - Teacher In Role and compare it to a more traditional Directive approach to see for yourself if there is a difference.

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Are You Running A Spring or Summer Holiday Week ? 

NOW is the time to start planning for these so that you can inform your students/parents of the programme and book out your sessions.

The Drama Studio has many years of running highly successful Holiday Weeks - reviews from students and parents are very good with students returning year after year.

Organisation and content are KEY elements of this success.

Planning your Holiday School can be time-consuming and we can help you with this based on The Drama Studio model.

If you have your own idea for a Holiday Theme but would like an input from us please e-mail the details directly to me julie@thedramastudio.com and I shall be delighted to help you. We have covered most topics!

For our top Holiday School Themes for you to choose from click here. 



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