Casting Services

The Drama Studio Casting Agency offers the opportunity for students to be considered for parts in film, radio and TV productions.

We have had many successes to date with directors remarking on the improvisation skills of our students and how valuable this is for them both from a creative perspective and the ability to quickly grasp ideas and deliver natural performances.

Audition Coaching

We can provide one-to-one coaching for specific auditions to give children that extra support and confidence with casting which can be quite a daunting experience. E-mail to arrange this.


Castings In 2018

Freya Reid - Molly and Mack BBC Film

Lois Wright - Flu Radio

Laura Barclay - Children's Hearing Radio


Castings In 2017

Lois Wright - Kitchen Depot Advert

Lois Wright - Recruitment For Children's Hearings Radio

Sarah Carnie - Drummond Games TV Commercial

Jude Liddell - Drummond Games TV Commercial

Jude Lidell - BBC TV - School Bus


Castings In 2016

David Carnie - CBBC Copycats TV

Susie Cavaghan - Radio Commercial

Megan Hogg - Film - Splinter

Eilidh Grubb - Film - Splinter

Ava Miller - Bitrex Film and Photoshoot

Gregor Weir and Rachel Dobbie - RBS/ National Schools Website Film (Senior Shoot)

Niamh Goldie, Tait Sutherland- and Amy Rudden RBS/ National Schools Website Film (Junior Shoot)

Katie McWilliams, Alex Anderson, Michael Smith, Campbell MacKay, Mairi Humphreys, Holly Blair - Edinburgh Festival production of Norma Opera 

Emma Marenduzzo and Ellen Dee - Neon Science TV Commercial

Mylo Morris - Total Football Action TV Commercial

Otto Sutherland -Zombie Magic TV Commercial

Maya Tanveer, Lakshya Verma, Skye McDonald, Alexandra Tice- Young, Calum Pentony - BBC 1 Documentary

Lois Wright - Children's Flu - Radio for Scottish Government

Lewis McDougall - Lead role in A Monster Calls - Warner Bros Film


Castings In 2015


Skye McDonald- Fostering Radio Ad Part 2

Ida MacKay, Corin Wake - Short Film - Hide And Seek

William Paterson - Short Film - Road

Jude Liddelle - Short Film - Road

Lucas Grubb, Belle Moore and Daniel Kay for Mayoral Fashion Shoot

Michael Shaw, Jon White, Matthew Bauer - Film - Kettle

Annie Bird - SNP Youth Radio Campaign

Eilidh Grubb - A Chance To Be Heard Radio Campaign

Lois Ambrose - Runner Up in Class Clowns, Gilded Balloon

Amy Rudden, Daniel Slater, Tait Sutherland - Og On The Bog - TV Commercial

Rosa Davidson, Beth Wright, Rebecca Harrison, Craig Brownlee, Alice Prince-Tapp, Catriona Hand, Katie Davidson - Took part in student film Psycho (working title)

Lakshya Verma - History Film For BBC Bitesize

Heather Davidson, Mimi Moore, William Paterson -Youth Football Film

William Paterson - Government Film

Eva Sutherland, Maya Tanveer, Otto Sutherland, Katy Ramsay, Lois Wright, Ida McKay - Golden Charter TV Commercial



 Drama Studio student Lewis MacDougall with Christopher Plummer in Boundaries.

Click here for the preview.


Lewis wins Young Scot Of The Year

The Drama Studio nominated Lewis for Young Scot of The Year and he won the Entertainment Category!

Click here to see the details


A Monster Calls

Drama Studio student Lewis MacDougall has starring role in Warner Bros A Monster Calls alongside Sigourney Weaver and Liam Neeson, fantastic achievement for Lewis!

Click here for film trailers

 Click Here for Lewis at the Premiere

Click Here for Interview with Lewis about the film

Liam Neeson and Lewis talk about the movie, click here


Kids TV Commercials

Drama Studio students Otto Sutherland, Emma Marenduzzo, Ellen Dee and Mylo McMorris.

Click Here For Emma and Ellen in Neon Science

Click Here for Otto in Zombie Magic

Click Here For Mylo in Total Action Football                 



One Of Us

Former Drama Studio (From age 6-17) student Cristian Ortega in BBC One Of Us playing Jamie Douglas…/4w57ZHSmtHDjYhwNcjcrNqr/jamie-douglas



Lakshya 's History Film 

Lakshya and Doctor

Drama Studio student Lakshya Verma interviewing Doctor Dave Caesar of Edinburgh's Royal Infirmary for a short history film to be used as a classroom resource on a digital platform.

OCT 2015



Lois In Class Clowns Final 

 Drama Studio's 12 year old Lois Ambrose is Finalist in Class Clowns, Gilded Balloon at The Fringe 2015!



The Mayoral Catalogue Photoshoot Winter 2015

Drama Studio students Lucas Grubb, Belle Moore and Daniel Kay were selected to take part in this Spanish Company's Photoshoot for the catalogue and online collections.

2015 oi 3 2015 oi 4


2015 oi 5

Daniel kay Mayoral


See the fabulous fashion videos below


 Lewis In Pan The Movie

Fantastic achievement for  Drama Studio

student Lewis MacDougall who will star

as Lost Boy Nibs in a Warner Brothers film called Pan. 

The film will be released in 2015.

Lewis MacDougall small



Alex and Laurie With Visit Scotland 

Lawrie and Alex Crop

Drama Studio students Lawrie and Alexandra Tice- Young for their photoshoot in the Visit Scotland and Homecoming Scotland 2014 Hogmanay Campaign.

Here they are in the Thursday 7th Nov Evening News



Congratulations !!! To Drama Studio student Luke Gordon who  appeared

in Our Glass House in the Fringe 2013, given 4 stars from The Metro.

Read about it here



Luke - Glass House




New York Theatre Success For Former Drama Studio Students

Former Drama Studio students Cristian Ortega and Rebecca Benson (Smith) have just completed a very successful run of Let The Right

One In in New York.

Cris from Currie attended our classes in Juniper Green and then Viewforth from age 6-17 years before going on to the Royal

Conservatoire of Scotland where he graduated.

Rebecca came to our Colinton group and then to Viewforth and it was here that they first met.

Read about their New York Show here :

Edinburgh stage stars win glittering reviews in New York with performance as vampire lovers

Cris and Rebecca 




Keith attended drama classes with us from the age of 6 coming to our Colinton classes and then to our Theatre

Group at Viewforth. We remember his fantastic performances back then !

BILLY LIAR -  INDEPENDENT Review - 5 stars



Castings In 2014

Lewis MacDougall - Pan - part of Nibs in this Warner Bros Film

Otto Sutherland, Tait Sutherland, Lewis Williamson - My Brave Young Man - Film

Jack Grieve - Fostering Campaign - Radio Forth

Luke Gordon - Lead Role in "Andy" - Film

Annie Bird - Radio for Skillsforce

Luke Gordon - Radio - Children's Panel

Lucy Gordon - Radio- Children's Panel

Ben Doran - Radio- Children's Panel

Skye McDonald - Radio - Nina And The Neurons

Otto Sutherland - Radio - Nina And The Neurons

Marta Della Sala -  Radio - Nina And The Neurons

Ida MacKay - Radio - Nina And The Neurons

Skye McDonald - Fostering Radio Ad

Lucy Gordon - TV Voice Over Animation

Elisha Nesbitt - TV Voice Over Animation



Castings In 2013

Cris Ortega - Barr's TV Advert

Holly Bathgate - SEPA Floodline Radio

Calum McArthur - SRU 6 Nations Radio

Emma McCormack - CEC Fostering Radio

Faye Turpie Laird - Nina And The Neurons Go Engineering Radio

Skye McDonald - Nina And The Neurons Go Engineering Radio

Jonothan Marple - Nina And The Neurons Go Engineering Radio

Raphael Uddin - Nina And The Neurons Go Engineering Radio

Michael Shaw - Well Being Promotion Film

Jon White - Fostering Radio Commercial

Susannah Law, Heide Biberbach, Louise Piatowski, Eilidh Grubb and Katie Brown - Good Luck With That Film

Sam Morwood - Edinburgh Theatre Arts - The Water Engine (Bernie) - Review By Tom Dibdin

Jon White - Fostering Radio

Tom White - Skills Development Scotland- Radio

Luke Gordon - Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - Our Glass House

Alex Dixon, David Carnie, Ben Doran , Sophie Dixon, Finlay Bretherton, Isabella Della Sala, Mia Haden -  Voice overs for Glasgow's Youth Olympics Bid

Alison Simm - Corporate Film

Alex and Laurie Tice- Young - Film - Costume Party

Paul Bedey - Radio Voice- Over

Fraser Dunmore, Matthew Madeley, Rory Donachie, Anna Pentony, Rosie Dean, Molly Dee - Wacky World Beaters - TV

Elisha Nesbitt - Fostering Radio

Jack Grieve - The Crofter's Lot - Film



2012/2011 Castings

Neil Drew - Photo Stills for Toys Product

Kate Baines - Photo Stills for Toys Product

Cris Ortega -McIntosh Ready Meals Ad

Neil Drew - Mega Construct Demo

Jude Liddelle - Historic Scotland Radio

Lois Ambrose - Take Life On Radio

Luke Gordon - Take Life On Radio

Jude Liddelle - Staples Back To School Radio

Tom White - Lothian and Borders Police Radio

Luke Gordon - CEC Fostering Radio

Abigail Wallace, Emily Wallace, Amy Murray, Luke Gordon - Financial Services Film

Jude Liddelle- Braehead Summer Camp

Gregor Weir - Braehead Summer Camp

Olivia McBride, Sam Morwood, Melissa Ness - Take Life On Radio

Carmen Steven- Edinburgh Zoo Commercial

Lori Stott - Child Car Seat Radio

Tom White, Ihsan Kerr, Rachel Gaw, Sophie Horrocks - Is It Worth It ? (Film)

Tom White -  Radio Forth - For Lothian Police
                     Bully Factory - Film             

Cris Ortega- Safe Driving - TV commercial VO

Lucy Gordon - Aldi Commercial

Luke Gordon-    Aldi Commercial
                         Financial Services  - Film
                         Take Life On - Radio
                         Fostering Radio

Kerr Syme - Bully Factory - Film

Lewis Williamson - The 6th Child - Film

Ben Tindall - See Me - Film

Lois Ambrose - Take Life On Radio

Lucy Gordon -  Princess -Film

Michael Shaw -  Threshold - Film

 Previous castings

Rachel Gaw  - HPV Ad (TV and DVD)

Paul Jeffries -  (TV Ad)  Britain's Got Talent

Ihsan Kerr - NHS Scotland

Lynsey Blyth, Megan Jarvie, Alex Barraclough, Erin McGhee   - Radio Commercial - Alcohol Abuse

Sophie Williams - Radio Commercial - Specsavers, The Rink - Edinburgh Fringe, Relic TV game show

Anthony Buchanan- Relic Game Show

Megan Jarvie and Rory Barraclough -Historic Scotland    

Alex Duthie - Radio - Ageism Commercial AND Cashback Radio

Jack Ainslie  - Radio - Cycling Scotland

Heather Philp - Cycling Scotland

Gregor Weir - Radio Tay , Kids Go Free (Historic Scotland)

Rory Barraclough - TV Pilot - Purves and Pekkala, Museum of Flight - Radio, Relic - TV.

Anja Dickerson - Model for Boden Catalogue

Eilidh Grubb - Radio for Historic Scotland , Children First - Radio

Cris Ortega - Radio- Army

Emma Murray - The Rink - Edinburgh Fringe

Harris Booth - Radio, Robert Burns

Luke Watson - Primary Park film 

Jessica Miles, Calum Rennie, Lois Ambrose, Tait Sutherland, Lucas Grubb, Nathan O'Donnell,Libby Simpson,Isabella Della Sala,Tamzyn Craig, Luke Gordon and Miles  Barraclough - Drama Studio Workshop lead by Tutor Louise Arbuckle for Mighty Mights TV (Wish Films)

Connor Quinn - Cbbc - Copy Cats

Rhys Anderson - Cbbc - Copy Cats

Susannah Law, Millie Polson, Charlie West, Megan Cash, Gregor Weir, Aidan Vernel, Susannah Smith, Anna Harris and Beth Anderson - HONK Theatre Show- Tempo Productions

Joanna Haden- Organ Donation -Radio

David Jack- Cashback Radio

Lewis McCartney, Jessica Miles, Elidh Greig, Elena Francis, Tait Sutherland - Toybrokers TV Commercial

Heather Philp, Kirsten Hunter, Anna Harris - The Lady Garden - Edinburgh Fringe

Anthony Buchanan - Radio Voice over - STV Jobs

Andrew Law - Radio Voice over

Rory Barraclough - Case Histories BBC1 Series


Rory Barraclough in Case Histories

Rory has just landed the part of the young Jackson Brodie (played by Actor Jason Isaacs) in this new BBC1 series. Very well done.

Connor Quinn and His Team Win Copy Cat Gameshow

"Connor has been attending The Drama Studio for over 5 years now and has been to
many auditions/castings and was lucky enough to be accepted along with myself, 2 other adults and 2 friends
to take part in the 'Copycats' TV show. The experience was absolutely fantastic for all concerned.
Without The Drama Studios input throughout the years from all the Staff this would never have been achievable.
So many thanks to Julie and all at The Drama Studio for what has been a wonderful and memorable experience." (Janis McCusker - Connor's mum))


Other Casting News and Show Reviews