This lesson for the younger end of the age range is largely a movement lesson based on a well-known story and is excellent for introducing young children to Drama. Students will cross many landscapes to get to the bear cave but will the bear be scary? Teachers will use behaviour control techniques with the class, encourage turn taking, listening to others, correct procedure for wanting to speak out etc

Curriculum For Excellence

I use drama to explore real and imaginary situations, helping me to understand my world.

EXA 0-14a 

I have developed confidence and skills in creating and presenting drama which explores real and imaginary situations, using improvisation .

EXA 1-14a 
I have the freedom to choose and explore how I can use my voice, movement, and expression in role play and drama.

EXA 0-12a 

I enjoy creating, choosing and accepting roles, using movement, expression and voice.

EXA 1-12a 

Skills- Mime and Movement, Improvisation, Problem-solving.

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